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2023: APC Employing Multiple Strategies To Re-enact 2015 Feat

(By Ayete Wakaola) – Recent developments in Nigeria’s political history have shown that anything is possible in politics!The All Progressives Congress, Nigeria’s ruling party, appears to be very much at home with this truth.

It was exactly the same philosophy that propelled the party to sacking a sitting president, of a dominant party in 2023; a time when not many political observers gave them a chance, but they succeeded!

The All Progressives Congress seems to be at it again.Not leaving anything to chance, the party appears to be employing multiple strategies to deal with its areas of weaknesses and consolidating on its strengths.

For instance, recent strategic moves of governors elected on the party’s platform are pointers that APC is identifying its opportunities. In the same connection, the proposed change of name seems to also be one of the party’s response to its image problem and other observed threats to remaining in power beyond 2023.

Certainly, these moves of the APC might be dismissed in some quarters as inconsequential and laughable but only time will tell. However, one thing is certain: there is no how you can compare the chances of a party that is taking actions based on realistic assessment of its strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats, with others that are presumptuous, even when they are not even in power, and do not have majority of governors of the states in Nigeria.

Instructively, while other parties are undecided on where their presidential flag bearer would come from, APC appears to have gone past that stage.They have gone as far as zeroing on the kind of person that they want to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, and they are quickly moving to rebrand the party with a view to aligning with current realities.

From all indications, the moves of the APC appears well thought out. When all these are combined with the power of incumbency and an unshaken resolve to retain power in 2023, in no time, it will be clear to the doubting Thomases that APC may be on the way to achieving their set objective, exactly the same way their adventure paid off in 2015.

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