Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

2023: Tinubu’s Commitment To True Federalism Excites Political Analysts

(By Silas Tams) – Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s comprehensive blueprint, especially his commitment to true Federalism as a tool for taking Nigeria out of the woods to the fast lane of development has won the hearts of many Nigerians. Most of those who spoke with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt described the proposals as clear indication that the Presidential Candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, understands the factors limiting Nigeria’s development, and is prepared to change the narrative.


While lauding Bola Tinubu for the incisive programmes of action to unleash the great potentials of Nigeria and her people, the political analysts added that the change in the paradigm in Nigeria’s development as being proposed by Tinubu is consistent with the yearnings and aspirations of the citizens.


Many of the respondents further hinted that, while their heads were somewhere else, that their hearts were with Bola Tinubu, stressing that he will not disappoint if elected as Nigeria’s president in 2023.


While praising the blueprint as all embracing, they commended the aspect that has to do with the deepening Nigeria’s federal structure to enable sub-national entities assume more responsibilities.


This move, according to them would bring to an end the regime of centralised government and promote healthy competition among the states and zones in the country.


They also observed that Bola Tinubu has been tested in governance and politics of Nigeria and has never been found wanting, just as he has proved to be a champion of the rule of law and a bridge builder.


Recall that, while presenting his proposal for the advancement of the course of development in Nigeria on Friday, the APC presidential candidate had observed that too much power and resources have been domiciled at the federal level.


According to him, “This has come at the expense of state and local governance. This is problematic because state governments are closer to the people and must be more responsive to local needs and aspirations.


“A Tinubu administration will re-balance the responsibilities and authorities of the different tiers of government. We will collaborate with the National Assembly and State Governments to amend our national governance architecture such that States are afforded the autonomy and resources needed to better serve the people.


“More funds should be allocated to the States and Local Governments so that they can better address local concerns and fulfill their expanded constitutional obligations to t marketplaces of major cities and towns to minimise waste and better preserve perishable food items”, he emphasized.


Bola Tinubu also vowed to re-position the police for better delivery.

“Police personnel will be freed from extraneous duties such as VIP security and guard duties. VIP Security and provision of security for government buildings, installations and other critical assets will be transferred to The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). The NSCDC shall be evaluated and reformed to be better integrated with our internal security apparatus.


“Highly trained and disciplined anti-terrorist battalions (ABATTS) with special forces units will be created. Their objective shall be to seize the strategic and tactical initiative, giving terrorists, kidnappers and bandits no respite.


“Military units will be better equipped with tactical communications gear and new vehicles to give them a greater communications and mobility advantage over criminals, bandits and terrorists.


“We will further modernise our Armed Forces by ensuring that our weapons systems (land, sea and air) are capable of addressing current and anticipated security threats in the modern world. This shall also mean the recruitment of people who possess the technical skills required for today’s military. We shall reduce our dependence on imported foreign military equipment by ramping up domestic production of basic and essential military hardware and equipment, including small arms and ammunition.


“We shall focus our efforts on taking greater advantage of our aerial superiority to both deter as well as swiftly respond to attacks by terrorists, kidnappers and bandits.


“We will address the welfare concerns of front-line military and security personnel and improved special individual and family allowances”, Tinubu further explained.


While lauding the prescriptions of the former Lagos State governor as timely and accurate, the overwhelming number of our respondents said they had no doubts that Tinubu will walk his talk because of the clarity of his vision and antecedents in governance.


They however called on Nigerians to look beyond ethnic, religious and tribal considerations in 2023 and vote for the candidate who knows where Nigeria should be, and the way to get there.

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