A Tribute To Osinachi, The Gospel Singer

(By Dr. Chin Akano) – “Osinachi  Nwachukwu was one of a kind. She was subdued by her husband. She was extremely submissive to him even at the height of her career. The husband was chaotic and difficult to relate with. My impression was that he had a very serious personality disorder. He was her manager. I advised Osinachi to remove him as her manager if she ever wanted to progress in her career. Her response will always be, doc it is well ooo. She sounded despondent.

A few times i pushed her to advance in her career and she would always say to me that she did not wish to use the ‘voice’ given freely to her by God for money making. She was not materialistic. For a long time, she did not collect payment for performances. She will ask you to give her whatever your heart felt good enough for her, after her performance . I told her to step out of that system as her kids would also need money in future. She was adamant. Eventually I will do a tribute for her in time to come.

Without wanting to get involved in the controversy of the cause of her death , whether it was throat cancer or domestic violence, all i know for sure (100%) is that she had a terrible husband whom she respected beyond words and was literarily scared of . She was indeed a virtuous woman. Rest in Peace Osinachi”

~ Dr. Chin Akano was a personal friend to the late gospel artist, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

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