Chris Finebone, New APC Spokesman in Rivers State

Abe Wants To Be Governor By Force: We Shall Meet Him At ‘Philippi’ – Finebone


(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – As the All Progressives Congess, APC, in Rivers State returns to the old path of court injunctions and shooting itself out of contention in the politics of Rivers State, stakeholders in the party are blaming Senator Magnus Abe for instigating actions aimed at frustrating efforts to rebuild the party. He was also accused of wanting to become the governor of Rivers State by force, a development which other stakeholders have vowed would be resisted.

Speaking with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt, former spokesman of the APC in Rivers State, Warisenibo Chris Finebone, had this to say:

“There is no question that Magnus Abe is at his old game again. But like he has failed before, he will fail even more this time.

“He is using the court of Rivers State to armtwist the party to save his face by allocating slots to him. Read my lips: that is not gonna happen.

“Senator Magnus Abe and those with him will have to contest for every position they desire. If they win, they win and if they fail, they fail. Not even our leader can persuade us to allocate half a slot to Abe.

“He cannot be telling the world that he is pursuing internal democracy in APC on one hand and when the opportunity of congresses avail themselves for him to actualise his supposed pursuit, he will turn around to demand sharing of positions. It’s not going to happen!

“Abe has demonstrated extreme wickedness and he will be served with the same chalice.

“We are watching the national leadership of the Party. Abe thinks that, using Ikwerre persons only in his latest court matter, will divert attention from him and save him from sanctions. But he forgets that available visual evidence where he instructed their group not to revalidate, and also directed their people to boycott last Saturday’s congresses, are sufficient to earn him sanctions by the Party.

“His name and that of his boys need not be on the court process before he can be sanctioned. Openly defying lawful party directives is enough offence. He shouldn’t worry. His hearts desire is to be governor of Rivers State by fire, by force. We shall meet him at Philipi”, the Opobo born politician vowed.




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