Achieving Greatness By Tying Aspirations Of Nigerians To Common Goal …Lessons From Victory Of Nigeria Over Zambia

(By Jossy Amadi) – On Saturday, October 7, 2017, not more than 30 members of the Nigerian Super Eagles and a coaching crew did it. Yes they did it against the Chipolopolo football club of Zambia and that landed Nigeria a World Cup ticket to Russia 2018!
I watched the 90 minutes tension soaked, and breathtaking game on Television. At some point, my focus shifted from the boys to the crowd in the stadium. As the cameras beamed and zoomed close, I looked for an Hausa man, I could not find one; for Yoruba people but I couldn’t locate them. Igbo kwenu seemed not to have come to watch their son Mikel.
Yes, the match was played in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State stadium but even Akwa Ibom people stayed back. I searched through and there was no tribe, no PDP, no APC: All the Christians in Nigeria were in Churches, and the Muslims in their Mosques.
The politicians were busy with their 2019 project. Again, in the crowd, you could not differentiate between a Northerner and a Southerner. Everyone in that stadium, in one accord was looking for one thing and alas it came, GOOOOOAL !!! The shouts erupted, my neighbourhood exploded, I could see joy and celebrations everywhere.
It didn’t end there, those Zambia boys were daring and still fighting like wounded lions and then, the final whistle came. And I heard screens of we win!!! I asked who is ‘we’, some one said Nigeria. I asked another, and another and they kept answering the same thing.
I tried to argue that it’s not Nigeria that won and I sounded ‘weird’. The guy that scored that goal was Igbo or is it Delta! I’m not too sure. That’s the reason I asked who is “we’? I needed to be sure so I can give due credit to Igbo race or the Deltans. Even up to this moment, I’m still hearing we won, Nigeria is going to World Cup in Russia next year!
The lesson here is that we can build this Nation if we tie it to a *GOAL, and not our differences. Those differences were there while the match lasted for 90 minutes and the whole nation stayed glued to their Television sets looking for that one goal. Yes we can, truly we can!
Let’s look for one goal as a nation now and pursue it. Forget the differences, we will always have them. Great nations do have their differences but they have become great because they strategically tied their vision and aspirations to one goal…to become great.
Yes a nation where equal opportunities will be provided for all irrespective of religious, tribal or regional affiliations: A nation where no region will claim superiority or birth right to rule over others.
If you can read this, don’t tell me you don’t know the attributes of greatness. God bless Nigeria !!!

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