Senator Ademola Adeleke

 Adeleke’s Victory: Reward For Sustained Struggle For Power In Osun State

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – Senator Ademola Adeleke of the People’s Democratic Party,PDP, has been declared the winner of last Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State, South West Nigeria. He polled 233,922 votes to defeat the sitting Governor Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress. It would be recalled that,this same Adeleke was a major contender for the same office about four years ago but he lost narrowly to Oyetola. As a matter of fact, there were huge outcries and allegations that the outcome of that election was manipulated against  Adeleke.
Be that as it may, Senator Adeleke, who,from.a indications had all it takes to contest for the number one office in Osun State, saw his failure at the first attempt as an.important motivation to try again, and this time he was successful. The victory of Adeleke, like the proverbial Dominion of light over darkness was definitive. At the time of the election, Senator Adeleke was seen, not only as an option but a good alternative to the incumbent governor, it had nothing to do with the party. He had been with the people, and they know him and ate convinced that the state will be better off with him.
That was not enough, he played his well by mobilising the people and not leaving room for any unlawful maneuverings by his opponents.It was therefore, the right choice, the right decision, at the right time, according to Charles S. D’Sousa, that made the victory of the dancing senator possible. Yes, Senator Adeleke believed that victory was possible, and that informed his Constancy of purpose.Today, his  sustained push has opened for him, and  indeed the people of Osun State a new chapter of shared vision of a society that is ruled by the law; where administration is inclusive and the welfare of the citizens given the priority of place in all policies and actions of government.
While, as it is the tradition, for the winner to be congratulated and for the loser to accept his fate or head to the tribunal, some analysts are arguing  that the outcome of the Osun election is a reflection of things to come in 2023.  Well, if the characters involved, the processes and attitude of the people are the same, there is no doubt that the outcome will also be the same,but,like we all know, all things are hardly equal, and anything is possible in Nigerian politics. It  all depend on how each actor makes the best use of the   time.
Meanwhile, Senator Ademola Adeleke must be commended.for sustaining the struggle for change, which is responsible for the celebrations in his state and beyond. If it can happen in Osun, it means that similar outcome is also possible elsewhere.

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