Ariolu: Centralization Of Power, Corruption Limit Nigeria’s Development

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-As Nigeria marks 57th Independence anniversary October 1, 2017, her citizens are lamenting the negative consequences of concentrating power at the centre, making the states to look like appendages instead of relatively independent federating units.
Reflecting on Nigeria at 57 in a chat with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt, Mr. George Ariolu, Managing Director of Falconwood Limited, harped on the need for restructuring of the process of resources allocation in order to allow each state to develop according to her capacity, while making contributions to the centre.
Responding to a question, the businessman explained that the widespread agitations are reflections of the citizens’ dissatisfaction with the way and manner the country is being governed. He however advised the federal government to dialogue with those who feel unfairly treated in the distribution of the common wealth with a view to addressing cases of injustice where they exist.
Mr. Ariolu, who recognised that Nigeria has made progress in the areas of telecommunications infrastructure and banking, regretted that the economy of Nigeria has been stunted because clumsy political climate, corruption and poor leadership.
He called for the strengthening of the judiciary and other relevant institutions to fight corruption in Nigeria, while expressing hope that things will change for the better if the right kind of people – who have genuine passion to make a positive difference in the country get involved in politics and governance.


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