Chief Timi Alaibe

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)- Politics is a complex game, where people who  desire to lead  maneuver to win the tickets of their parties, and then  the mandate of the vast majority of the citizens of their constituencies.  However, because of the misconduct of some actors,  many  observers have dismissed politics in  Nigerian as a dirty  game. Besides, the system appears to accommodate  black mail and other subversive activities, including   deliberate attempts to misinform and  mislead the unwary  voters.

Although the Nigerian constitution allows any unencumbered citizen to seek for elective office, it is important to emphasize that not all the glittering politicians, who are desperate  to rule are fit and proper persons for the job. To make up for their inadequacies, some of them  resort to spreading lies against others, who are seen to be more popular. They however fail to appreciate the fact that,  victory ultimately goes to the aspirant  with the  preferred offerings, and not to those who  go behind and cook up stories to undermine the reputation of their opponents.

And this brings us to the  recent stinker being broadcast in some circles  to discredit the aspiration of  Chief Timi Alaibe, a seasoned politician who is seeking to succeed Governor Seriake Dickson in Bayelsa State. The unsubstantiated,  incoherent  and politically motivated allegations   are obviously based on  rumours. Interestingly, this same Alaibe has been around all this while and nobody had bothered to take him up on the issues being thrown up at the eve of an important election. The reason is simple: these allegations are untrue and  cannot be sustained in any court. The provocative  piece should therefore be seen for what it is: a  cheap campaign to smear the image of the man who had served  the country well in different capacities.

Those resorting to dirty politics in Bayelsa state  are probably unaware that the era when  politicians  influenced public opinion with half truths is over because  the people  can now read in between the lines to separate facts from fiction.  Most  discerning readers of that piece will only go away with the conclusion that  it  is sponsored by a desperate politician, who probably is uncomfortable with the  intimidating profile of Timi Alaibe – a man who has made  his mark in the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy.  Seeking to pull  such a man down  in order to rise is a dangerous indication that the sponsor  of the misinformation cannot  justify the use of power, and so should never be entrusted with it.

Nigerians are looking out for  politicians  who will lead the cause of  justice, and who are  sincerely committed to the welfare of the people,  and not desperate  office seekers who, instead of presenting their offering for public scrutiny, chose to fabricate stories against another aspirant that cannot be proved. There is no doubt that the  stories were dished out  to  misinform and instigate  the public against Timi Alaibe, but that  is definitely  politics taken too far. It is a project being executed by politicians  who see themselves as masters instead of  servant of the people.
In the forthcoming Bayelsa governorship election, both the party and the voters will judge Alaibe  based on his track records  and contributions to the society, and not based on fabrications by political opponents. Interestingly, governance is not about blackmail but about  sharing in the sorrows of the people and helping them to overcome their difficulties. Incidentally, this is the driving force in  Timi Alaibe’s aspiration, and which has  placed him miles ahead of his opponents.

Any man therefore,  who thinks that the only way he can rise is by pulling down another is  certainly putting the wrong foot forward and he will fail because the citizens are no longer gullible: they know what they want and who can better deliver it to them,  and in the circumstance,  Timi Alaibe appears to be the man who fits into the picture.

Iheanyi Ezinwo (08068756996) is the publisher of Notable Outcome, distinct and worth reading global newspaper.