President Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari’s Commitment To Credible Leadership Succession In 2023

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) –

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria will be leaving office in the next five months, and he has not left any one in doubts about the obvious reality. When some residents of the Federala Capital Territory, Abuja, paid him Christmas  visit at the Villa on 25 December, 2022, President  Buhari reaffirmed his commitment, not to stay a day longer in office  than stipulated in the Constitution of Nigeria.  Buhari  even added that he plans to retire to Daura, his Home town in Katsina State, and stay as far away from Abuja as possible inorder to stay away from trouble – may be, a euphemism for not having a hidden agenda to interfere in the succeeding administration.


Although the outgoing administration of President Buhari has been known  for it’s exceptional  nepotistic tendencies,  especially in appointments, many Nigerians are giving the President the benefit of doubt on his commitment to conducting free, fair and credible elections in 2023. With the benefit of hindsight, President  Muhammadu Buhari obviously appreciates the fact that  free and fair electoral process produces  wise leaders while compromised systemp produce wild rulers, who, like the proverbial dog, ultimately will  turn  against the benefactor.

The last seven years of Buhari’s administration were very challenging, to say the least, to most Nigerians, and many blame the situation on the poor management of the economy.  And if the story must change, going forward, then Nigeria must have new set of leaders who think and act differently, at all levels. This appears to be the direction that President Muhammadu Buhari is headed, and the goal can only be achieved  the electoral process that will throw up the next set of leaders, is free and fair.


While we commend the President for his consistent declarations and actions to beaqeate a legacy of free and fair elections in Nigeria and West Africa,  it is equally important that other stakeholders  share in this vision, irrespective of tribal, religious and political affiliations.

The reason is because, the President, as an individual, cannot do it all. He will depend on the complimentary  roles of other Nigerians in the executive, as well as those in the legislature and judiciary  to make the dream of a better Nigeria a reality. Besides, if there was anytime for the Nigerian voter to be proactive, it is in the 2023 elections. If also there is a time to show red card to opportunistic politicians, who have no regards for the welfare of fellow Nigerians but out to grab political power for their personal enrichment, 2023 presents the opportunity. It is a time for every Nigerian to take his destiny in his hands and say ‘enough of bringadage’; that we have had enough dose of crudity in governance – at a time when civilised and patriotic leaders are  leveraging  on their country’s  areas of strength to broaden the horizon of their competitive advantage in a world  that has since become a global village.

It is therefore expedient that  Nigerians begin to look beyond the prisms of religion, political affiliations and tribe, and vote for a Nigeria that works; a country that her citizens can be proud of, and a society that does not frustrate her best hands to the point that  the kings among them  are frustrated to the point of accepting  to become slaves  in strange lands. This is the challenge ahead of 2023. And it is a task that must not only be done by President Muhammadu Buhari as destiny beckons, but which, all well meaning Nigerians must subscribe to in order to secure a future for the present and future generations.

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