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Cardiovax: Medicine For Long Life Now In Nigeria

Nigerians who desire to live long now have one of the secrets of long life at their door steps. It is called cardiovax, a drug which contains a special form of vitamin E called alpha-tocopherol. This substance, according to Dr. Amos Habila, Abuja based cardiovascular surgeon, in a report captured in www.codofuu.ru, is able to penetrate into the cholesterol molecules and destroy cardiovascular diseases.


He said that more and more doctors have come to the conclusion that this is indeed an extremely useful procedure that can not only increase life expectancy, but also improve human health.


Cardiovax, according to Dr. Amos Habila,  was  developed by the leading Medical University of Clinical Cardiology in Abuja, and that, in addition to   alpha-tocopherol, the drug  also contains about 50 vitamins, macro and micro – elements that benefit the heart and blood vessels such as Vitamin C that strengthens and tones the walls of blood vessels,  reduces the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis and hypertensive crisis. It also has Vitamin A , which normalizes the permeability of small capillaries; Vitamin B1 that  strengthens the heart muscle, prevents heart attacks; Vitamin B2 that increases the amount of oxygen in the blood; Vitamin B3, which expands blood vessels, reduces blood pressure immediately after entering the body; Vitamin B12,  which improves blood clotting; Motherwort, that removes excess fluid from the body and  Hawthorn, which reduces swelling in  hypertensive patients, among others.


The medical doctor who further said that they have treated over 10,000 people in their clinic in Abuja, Nigeria said the treatment of various kidney, liver and other diseases is often supplemented with vascular cleaning therapy, stressing that blood vessels clogged with cholesterol are very bad for health.


Meanwhile, a Nigerian, Sefi Oyeyemi, who was born in Lagos in 1896 and is still reportedly alive said that she uses the product. The woman who is targeting 150 years, further explained that for over 15 years she had been unable to go to the forest and fields to gather, dry and prepare everything she needed to remain healthy, reportedly claimed that she uses the product to clean her vessels and that it works even better than herbs. She added that cleaning the vessels will enable on to live a long and healthy life, stressing that there is not really much point in longevity if an individual’s body is ravaged by diseases.


Mama Sefi Oyeyemi also disclosed that her sister lived for a long time, and died when she was 95, and that she also made sure all her kids knew the importance of keeping their vessels clean. “Therefore, the secret of longevity lies in the vessels; they need to be cleaned from time to time. But nobody does that, that’s why they die early”, she reportedly summed.


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