Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of OPM

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere took the Christian world by storm in 2006 when he founded the Omega Power Ministry, OPM, a Christian platform to manifest the power of God, for the salvation of many. The Apostle, who did not go to a Bible school before going into the ministry, however explains that he was given a clear mandate to preach the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, and in doing so bring about change in the lives of many. Over the years, he has remained focused and brought hope to individuals, families and communities as well as nations.

Apostle Chinyere insists that the preaching of the Word of God must be validated by miracles, and according to him, this can only be effected by the power of God. He also declares that one does not need to pay money as condition precedent to see a man of God for counseling or for prayers, and has on many occasions publicly accused those who demand money as criminals.

He regularly challenges those who watch their testimonies and other programmes to change their church if their church do not change them. He also teaches that tithes and offerings are to be used to support the poor and not to build expensive schools that members of the church cannot afford.

As way of making good his promises, the Apostle has gone ahead to set up free boutiques, restaurants and schools as well as skills acquisition centres to help the poor, and snatch the idle and misguided youths from the path of destruction. However, it must be noted that some of these words and actions of the Apostle have attracted criticisms on one hand and compelling other church leaders to pay more than a passing attention to the welfare of their members.

The man, described as the icon of free education, has been criticized for advertising his good works, the use of coconut and for not giving prominent attention to the preaching of the word of God. Some are also angry that he openly calls on people to leave their churches and come to OPM, a call which he predicates on the fact that tithes and offerings in such churches are not being used to assist the needy members. Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere declares that God is happy with OPM because money from tithes and offerings are used to provide free school,

accommodation and other forms of assistance to members and non members, thereby winning more souls to God. He boasts that OPM is s a fertile soil for any one to sow his seed and be sure of abundant harvest.
Meanwhile some persons who are not in terms with some of the ways and means the church employs to reach out to more people for Christ are insistent that there is much to it than meets the eyes, but it does appear that some of the critics are over reaching themselves because, every servant, at the end of the day is answerable to the master who calls him.

Just as individual leaders are unique, so also their churches. It is left to members of the public to look at what each church offers in terms of teaching and practices, and decide where to pitch their tenth. Criticizing those who have taken bold steps to fulfill their destinies, and going further to help others to do the same, will amount to nothing.

God urges believers to save the lost by ALL MEANS, the reason why one must not be in a hurry to criticise someone who might be doing things differently. It is wisdom for people to focus on their own assignment and leave judgment to God before whom every one will appear some day – to give account.
The Scripture is clear: “Happy is the man who considers the poor and the weak. The Lord will save him in the day of evil; will guard him, give him life, make him happy in the land and will not give him up to the will of his foes. The Lord will help him on his bed of pain, he will bring him back from sickness to health” ( Psalms 41: 1-3).

Based on what the eyes can see, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere is changing the narratives in the line of care for the poor in the society. Those who may not like his style, should device their own ways and means of reaching out and adding value to the lives of others.

Iheanyi Ezinwo is publisher of Notable Outcome