Dr.Chidi Lyod

Chidi Lyod:The Man;His Dreams And Strategy

(By IheanyiEzinwo)-Chidi Julius Lyod, Doctor of Philosophy in Law, is a consummate politician from the Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.He was one of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State until his recent defection to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Not many political watchers saw his defection coming, including the immediate members of his political family.To many, it was inconceivable considering the dept of his relationship with the leader of APC in the state, Rt.Hon.Chibuike Amaechi, who is currently Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation.Barr.Llyod, on several occasions in the past had acknowledged the significant role of Amaechi in his political journey and the opportunity for him to serve at the Rivers State House of Assembly for 12 years, against the run of events at the time.

Be that as it may, Dr.Lyod never disappointed as far as his legislative duties were concerned, and these came to the fore while he served as leader of the legislature during the second term of Governor Amaechi.In the heat of the crisis at the time, he played important roles to ward off threats to the successful completion of Amaechi’s second term. Many political watchers were therefore taken aback when they heard that Dr.Chidi Lyod has abandoned mid sea, the APC ship being captained by his benefactor, Rt.Hon.Amaechi.The former lawmaker may have probably anticipated inconsistent reactions from his supporters, hence the decision to let the cat out of the bag surprisingly.Today, his supporters have a choice to follow him as he returns to his firmer party, the PDP or remain the APC.

All said, the exit of Dr.Lyod is a big loss to the APC.The reason is because, the former lawmaker has come a long way in politics.He might not have seen it all but he is a force to reckon with any where he is.He can go tongreat lengths to defend whatever he believes.He is courageous and intelligent.He also has good education and can be trusted to deliver all the time. Politicians of his mould are sought after, and it is therefore not surprising that the PDP received him with open arms on his return to the party recently.

On the controversies over his motive for deserting the APC, a lot have been said.However,it is a known fact that political decisions are determined by the interest of those involved.What can be gleened from the dramatic move is that his political interests have changed.And typically, he had the courage to follow his heart. As expected, PDP has gained at the expense of the APC.The defection has really confirmed that Chidi Lyod is an independent minded politician, and can be trusted to take difficult decisions.Chances are that, some of those who were angered by his sudden decision, without consulting them may join him in his new happy abode, so that together, they can continue to do what they know how best to do.With the return of Dr.Llyod to PDP, things may no longer be the same in Emohua Local Government.The reason is because, he will not only be seen, he will also be heard.

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