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Coalition Of 30 Political Parties, A Mere Semantics-Political Analyst

The position of Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former president on the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari is still generating reactions.
Speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt, Dr. Ben Dennis Tarile, an international political analyst from the stable of Support Popular View Group said the position of a group that calls itself Coalition of New Nigeria on the proposal at a press conference is laughable.
According to him, “From the text of the press conference it is obvious that the promoters have other motives that has no bearing with the interest of Nigerians. This is from the literary point of view. But from the political view point, the project is already dead on arrival.
“ This is because, in the experience of this country, it is definitely impossible for any person to aggregate people who are different in character, economic and political persuasions to come together overnight and galvanise sufficiently to win, not even a councillorship, not to talk of national election.
“Lets take stock of all the political parties in Nigeria since 1999 including their metamorphosis and see how many of these so called parties have produced a councillor in their ward other than the big PDP and APC (CAN, ANPP, APGA).Tell me , apart from these, which of the other over 50 parties have met the conditions set out by INEC for existence. The answer is non”, the analyst stressed.
On the new contraption being proposed by Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr. Tarile was clear in his position:
“With my wealth of experience in political engineering , it will be wrong for anybody to just jump into the political pit Olusegun Obsanjo has just dug at the entrance of a political empire. I can see many gullible (perhaps hungry political jobbers step on the train and summersault into the pit and may remain there until OBJ, a careful and experienced businessman and politician finishes political and business negotiation and cross the river to laugh at them.
“PDP and APC, it will look on the surface as if these two parties are in competition but this would have been the case if PMB has used the opportunity and redirected Nigeria properly. Buhari’s APC haven failed, the only party on whose platform Nigeria can be salvaged is the PDP. What I believe OBJ said that we may not have picked up is a call for the people to jettison the APC and join hands with the PDP to move Nigeria forward.
“ As a political scientist, this is my understanding of what OBJ meant when he talked about Coalition. I will join him to ask other parties outside APC to join forces with PDP to produce a more stable government in 2019”, he summed.

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