Crowning Of Eddy Mark: Omagwa Elders Fighting Me Were Part Of Coronation, Says Eze Achinike Amadi


*By Iheanyi Ezinwo:

While the last is yet to be heard about the purported dethroning of the Paramount Ruler of Omagwa, His Royal Highness Eze Achinike Amadi, the embattled ruler has declared that the honourary chieftaincy title given to Ibrahim Eddy Mark in 2021 was a collective decision of Omagwa chiefs and elders, and not a unilateral one.

Speaking with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt on Thursday, the traditional ruler brandished affidavits sworn at Isiokpo High Court in July, 2022 by Oha Chikezie Worji, Oha Matthew Wosu, Oha Felix Anoya, Oha Ndidi Amah and Oha Anthony Ejiigwu giving their consent to the crowning of Ibrahim Eddy Mark. He added that Oha Tennyson Ikpo was also solidly in support of the decision.

Eze Achinike Amadi, who was crowned Nye -Nwe -Ali and Paramount Ruler of Omagwa on 4 April, 2014 by Omagwa Chiefs and Elders, and according to Omagwa laws, traditions and customs, said that some elders of the town, who were allegedly sponsored, conspired to announce his dethronement.

“On 1st September, 2022, they declared that I am dethroned: that I gave a title meant for an indigene to a non indigene”, he stated.

However, the Paramount Ruler had faulted the claim, adding that it was the Omagwa Council of Chiefs that asked him to invite Eddy Mark, just the same way they invited Hon. Samuel Nwanosike and Grant Offor.

“All of them came and requested for time to consult with their families, and report back to us”, he clarified.

Eze Amadi further explained that, “When Eddy Mark heard that Hon. Samuel Nwanosike, who was invited along with him and Grant Offor had been crowned, he came to Omagwa Council of Chiefs to inform them of his readiness for the coronation: That he has agreed with Governor Nyesom Wike on 11 December, 2021.

” He gave us the date and all the traditional rulers consented. We went ahead and crowned him. It was not done in secret, although Hon. Samuel Nwanosike opposed it.

“In a meeting at Prof. Simeon Achinewhu’s house, Hon. Nwanosike had demanded the withdrawal of the title or there will be no peace in Omagwa.

“No sooner had I told them that I will have to report the new development back to my people, than some elders declared my dethronement, alledging that I gave title meant for an indigene to a non- indigene.

“It is important to clarify that the title that was given to Eddy Mark was an honourary one, and it was not the first in Omagwa history. It is done to appreciate such persons for their contributions to the community.

“Up till now, the elders conspiring against me have not explained what offence the man committed but wants me to withdraw the title. I cannot do it because if the man goes to court, they will run away. How can you give a title that we all agreed and turn around to ask me to withdraw it.

“It would be recalled that on the day of coronation, Omagwa Chiefs and Elders were there, including associates of Eddy Mark who came from different parts of the country.

“Before they made good their threat to dethrone me, I had gone to court to stop them, but they still went ahead.

“We have pending cases in court, including the one filed by Henry Ikpo in Suit No:CA/579/79/2019; Isiokpo High Court in Suit Nos: IHC/151/2019 and IHC/245/CS/2022”, he further clarified.


Eze Achinike Amadi further recalled how in 2015, at a time when other traditional rulers were afraid of former Governor Rotimi Amaechi, that he went ahead and honoured then Minister of Education, Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, with the Chieftaincy title of Eze Ayambam Omagwa, and
that in compliance with the directives of His Excellency, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State, that he has been openly supportive of the administration of Hon. Samuel Nwanosike.

The Royal Father also noted that he was instrumental to the Chieftaincy Titles that were given to Hon. Samuel Nwanosike in both Omagwa and Ikwerre Local Government, even as he explained that one Jacob Wagorchi, who was in court with him, on his own, discontinued in the matter at Isiokpo High Court in Suit No: IHC/144/2014, resulting in the striking out of the suit on 5 October, 2016.

Meanwhile, Ogbakor Ikwerre Cultural Organization World Wide, under the leadership of Prof. Emenike Wami had condemned the purported dethroning of the Paramount Ruler of Omagwa at a time when concerted efforts were being made to resolve the conflict. He urged the contending parties to sheet their swords and allow reason to prevail.

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