Dr. Chidi Llyod

Disciple Like Master: Chidi Llyod, Restoring Hopes Of Emohua People

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – Dr. Chidi Lloyd, Executive Chairman of Emohua Local Government Council assumed office close to 70 days ago, at a time when the confidence of the people in government at the third tier was threatened. To many, Emohua had never had it so bad, so much so that, the impact of government was not felt anywhere, even at the council headquarters.

However, like a good student that he has always been, the new chairman has demonstrated in every short time that he was on a mission to restore the hopes of the people in government, and also restore the glory of Emohua through targeted development projects. In following in the footsteps of Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the former law maker has began taking development projects to the nooks and crannies of the local government area, including those who felt alienated from the scheme of things before his coming.

To the lorry of God, and to make a difference in governance and in the lives of the people, Dr. Chidi Lloyd has began the construction of important roads, beginning with the 1.2km road at Eveku, which was flagged off by Eze Paul Wonodi, leader of Emohua Peoples Democratic Party caucus; 1.4 km Uhkeli road at Rundle that was flagged off by Engr. Emeka Woke, Chief of staff Government House Rivers state, and a third one billed for Ubimini on Wednesday this week.

Reacting to these positive developments being orchestrated by the administration of Hon. Llyod, a stakeholder in the local government, Badu Oha Omekwa Eli Anya Emohua Kembom, Barr. Emeh Glory Emeh, who was also a former commissioner for transport and aviation in the state had this to say:

” We are overwhelmed with the developments in the local government area through the instrumentality of the local government council. You remember, we were at Eveku last week to flag off a 1.2km road, and which was performed by Eze Paul Wonodi, leader of Emohua PDP caucus. The positive developments that we are seeing in a very short time are confirmations that our confidence in Dr. Chidi Llyod was not misplaced”.

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