Dogara And Legacy Of North East Development Commission

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) -The Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara is from Bauchi state, North East of Nigeria. Dogara assumed the position of head of the lower chambers of the National Assembly over two years ago, and from all indications he has been justifying the mandate of his colleagues, and that Nigerians.
No doubt, his name will go down in Nigeria’s political history as one of the federal lawmakers who was privileged to head the lower chambers of the National Assembly. He will also be remembered for being a successful team player, and leading a stable House made up of politicians from different tribes, political and religious backgrounds, at a time when Nigerian’s economy was threatened by recession, and social and political agitations.
Dogara will also be remembered for conceiving, drafting and sponsoring the North East Development Commission Bill, which was passed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari on October 25, 2017.

At a time when some politicians are subordinating the interests of their constituents to their parochial interests, Speaker  Dogara chose to empathise with his people of North East Nigeria, who were displaced by the war against insurgency. He cared for their feelings and aspirations, and demonstrated personal commitment to building bridges instead of walls.

As a politician who has a good sense of history, and desires to leave an enduring legacy,  Yakubu Dogara did not only talk about the afflictions of the people of the North East, he went further by mobilising his colleagues to support the development initiative.
When other members of the National Assembly from across the country saw that his intensions were good, they supported him. Besides, the president also gave his blessing by promptly signing the bill into law.
Rt. Hon. Dogara has thus become a shinning light, and shown that Nigeria still has responsible politicians, who are forward looking and sincerely committed to the welfare of the citizens.
Although Federal Government policies under president Buhari were favourable to the North East, Dogara came up with the Bill as a sustainable response to the development gap in the zone which was devastated by the war against insurgency.
From all indications, the initiative of Yakubu Dogara will achieve salutary effect of facilitating the return of the displaced persons to their homes, and the process of rebuilding their communities, especially with the assurances of the military that their communities are now safe.
Although full recovery from the devastation of the war against insurgency may take some time, the North East Development Law is one solid step that will effectively kick start and sustain the process of recovery for the traumatised people.

For mobilising his colleagues from the North East and securing the support of members of the National Assembly to achieve timely passage of the North East Development Bill,  Federal Lawmaker  Dogara has proved to be a visionary and credible team leader.

It also shows that he is thinking of the long term interest of his people, and justifying the use of power. We sincerely hope that other politicians will look beyond the bill, and see a caring heart and an action which, for many years to come will advance the cause of development of the North East zone of Nigeria.
Iheanyi Ezinwo is the publisher of Notable Outcome.

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