Fake Pastors: Agents Of The Devil To Discredit The Gospel

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(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – In the 70’s and 80’s, answering the call of God and becoming a pastor was not seen as a popular decision. However, for certain reasons it has become the rave of the moment to be recognized as a pastor over the last two decades, and we see a situation where the good, the bad and ugly now claim to be pastors.
A pastor is supposed to be a servant of God, a man who fears God and eschews evil but these protocols are observed in breached and reports of abominable acts are frequently linked to individuals who claim to be pastors.
The truth actually is that, most of these people are not true pastors of God but agents of the devil who are sent out to discredit the gospel. The Devil feels that projecting people who are associated with the gospel in bad light would inflict maximum damage and go along way to discouraging people from accepting the gospel as God’s power unto salvation.

A close look at many of these pseudo- pastors, who were so made by themselves, or by people like them is that they do not look like God. The Bible says that, by their fruit you shall know them. Any man that worketh righteousness is righteous. Any one who believes that the man who goes about sleeping with other people’s wives is a man of God can believe any thing.

The situation is so bad that even kidnappers and serial killers also claim to be pastors. Any man whose actions are devilish is of the devil while those who fear God and avoid evil are, by their fruits manifesting the fruits of the Spirit of God. Satan is on the loose because his time of judgment is closer than ever. Therefore, he is restless, recruiting and inspiring unguided people who parade as pastors to engage in horrendous acts as reported every day in Nigeria and in other countries.

Let no one be deceived: many who claim to be pastors are using the title as a cloak to hoodwink and kill people. But there is wise a counsel for the hour. It is not a time to be discouraged. The righteous are encouraged to remain righteous. The wicked who does not want to reconsider his ways can continue in his wickedness. God will bring every thing into judgment, whether it be good or evil.

The informed are aware that Satan has since changed gear: he is sending out agents who claim to be pastors on killing spree; to ensure that as many people as possible do not have the opportunity of making peace with God in their lifetime. Just a few days ago, we heard of the arrest of a serial kidnapper and killer at Igbo Etche. You would not believe this aspect of the story that is of great concern to true men of God – the claim that he is not only a shoe dealer but also a pastor. The story below was extracted from Facebook.

Nigerian Pastor, Anthony Ndubuisi has found himself on the wrong side of the law after it was discovered that he was a kidnapper and a serial killer.
Investigation carried out by the Operatives of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit on Monday, 29th June 2020, led to the arrest and discovery of the bodies and skeletal bones of human beings dumped in his soakaway and covered to avoid suspicion.
According to a statement issued by the Operatives of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Anthony works as a pastor and a shoe dealer. He capitalizes on the weakness of his clients and customers by luring them into his house and kills them, especially those he owe and cannot pay them or feel threatened by them.

His evil ways caught up with him when one of his victims, Ajumiene Offor who before leaving his home to Anthony’s residence left a notice of his journey to his son should his money or visitor ask of his whereabouts. Unfortunately for him, he was kidnapped and killed by the pastor.

Investigations led to the arrest of Anthony who later confessed to the sins committed and led the unit to the soak away where several bodies including human skeleton bones were exhumed.
Two of his sons who are believed to have had a hand in the killings are currently on the run including his wife.

Operatives of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, in a Sting Operation yesterday 29/6/20202 at about 1330hrs, arrested a notorious kidnapper and serial killer, one Anthony Ndubuisi ‘m’ from Ngo-Okpala in Imo State but resides at Umuebulu Etche LGA.

The suspect who was arrested through intelligence-led policing, on interrogation confessed to have carried out several kidnappings and killings of his unsuspecting victims, including three Foreign Nationals and a Nigerian.

The recent, being the kidnapping and killing of one Ajumiene Offor who was lured from Aba to his house, for a business transaction but kidnapped and killed on 9/6/2020.
In the course of the investigation, the suspect led Operatives to his house at Umuebulu, where he pointed to a Septic Tank that contained the bodies of his victims.

On exhumation, we recovered three human skulls and the decomposing body of his recent victim. They have been evacuated and taken to the mortuary for Autopsy.
The investigation is ongoing and efforts have been intensified to arrest other members of his deadly gang. In the wake of his arrest, two Pump action guns and some Cartridges were recovered.

Addressing the Media at the scene of Exhumation, the Commissioner of Police, CP Joseph G. Mukan condemned the incident and promised to declare a total war against perpetrators of heinous crimes in the State. He however urged the public to increase their security consciousness and report all suspicious characters and movements to the Police.

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