From Left: HRH Bokumor Orukari of Sagbagrea, Bayelsa Stat; HM Felix Otuarikpo of Upata kingdom and HRM, Disreal Bobmanuel of Abonnema of Rivers State at the occasion

Festus Keyamo On Islamisation: Gullibility Is Nigeria’s Time Bomb

Buhari as a Military Head of State with a Muslim Vice when he ruled by decree didn’t Islamize Nigeria, it’s now that such decision must get the nod of our legislators at both state and federal levels that some Nigerians including the so called educated people are believing.

Like I’ve always said, the bane to Nigeria’s development in our generation may not be corruption but gullibility. It’s a time bomb waiting to explode.

We Christians are always jittering. Always feeling inferior to people of other faiths. When will Muslim accuse us of Christianizing Nigeria? When? In the current democratic dispensation, out of 18 years, we have had Christian Presidents for 14 years. Obasanjo did 8 years while Jonathan 6 years. When did Muslim accused anybody of wanting to Christianize Nigeria?”

N.B: Some of us will continue to say the truth no matter the foretold consequences. I am a Christian and I have told you that Daniel served under Nebucchadnazzar, an idol worshipper. He was actually the Chairman of the Babylonian Governors’ Forum. Joseph served under Pharao who didn’t believe in Joseph’s Jehovah. Joseph was the Prime Minister. Read your Bible.

Put a stop to your self imposed hypocrisy and move on with your life. God did not make a mistake by bringing us together in the same country. All we need is mutual trust and respect.
Muhammadu Buhari is the man God has appointed to be the president now, cooperate with him and pray for his success- our success-your success.

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