Generation That Resolved Not To Revenge For Better Life After Horrible World War 2

*By David Bavans:
World War Two ended in 1945, and half the planet was suffering mass starvation and living in rubble. Entire countries worth of people were living in shacks or tents or the basements of burned out homes. Millions of farmer boys had been killed during the war, and millions more farmers sent to gas chambers during the Holocaust. The farm animals had also been sent off to support the war effort, forcing the surviving women and girls to go out in the fields and pull the plows like animals. It was a truly horrific amount of suffering.


And the leaders of the time had already previously lost millions of their brothers and friends to the previous world war.


Today we see both wars as triumphs over evil, but at the time the free world was distraught at losing millions upon millions of their young men. To them it wasn’t a grand victory, it was a living nightmare beyond their worst imagination. Like the gates of Hell had opened.


The leaders of the free world started asking themselves how something this horrible could happen, and what could be done to prevent it from happening to future generations.

They didn’t just point fingers at the Axis, which would have been a natural response. They looked deeply at themselves and asked what they could have done to prevent this.


And they saw that they had humiliated Germany during the treaty of Versailles which ended WWI. And they took responsibility for their actions, and vowed that it would never happen again.

They decided that revenge was not the right response, and that they would “turn their cheek” and forgive the Germans. They would never forget, but they would forgive and move on.


Instead of allowing the German people to starve, the Allies sent millions of tons of food to stop the self inflicted famine.

They also made sure to treat German prisoners fairly, with good living conditions, because they wanted to set a good example of fair leadership. They didn’t want German boys going home and dreaming of revenge.

German prisoners of war in Allied camps were allowed all sorts of privileges including sports, music, and even boxing.


They also made sure that both sides had the resources to rebuild, including the Germans. West Germany had one of the fastest economic recoveries in history. It is routinely referred to as an “economic miracle”

They also created the UN, to make sure everyone could have their voices heard, no matter how small the country. Every country can air a grievance, regardless of the differences in strength between countries.


And it worked. It created a strong bond of trust between the Allies and smaller nations, and dozens of new small Democracies flourished.


Eventually this lead to the EU and NATO, and provided Democracy to over a billion people.


And this is why they are called the Greatest Generation. Because they lived through unfathomable suffering, but instead of taking revenge, they did everything in their power to make the world a better place for future generations.














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