Chief Godfrey Omodu, being handed the Bible - as symbol of Authority as new head of Rumuikpo

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – History was made on Saturday, October 5, when Ezinwo, Amadi and Omodu group of compounds in Elibrada Emohua of Rivers State formally recognized Chief Godfrey Omodu as the head of Rumuikpo kindred. Although the inauguration of kindred heads is not new in Elibrada, that of Rumuikpo was unique because, instead of being given the traditional staff, Chief Godfrey Omodu was presented with a Bible.

Speaking at the ceremony that attracted people from all walks of life, Chief Godfrey Omodu, explained that, since Eshinwo decided against the idea over 100 hundred years ago when he embraced Christianity, that successive leaders of Rumuikpo have followed in his steps right up to the immediate past leader, late Frank Ezinwo, who succeeded Chief Ogbakiri Ezinwo.

“We opted to use the Bible instead of the traditional staff usually handed to new heads of kindreds – as a symbol of authority- on the day of their inauguration. God of the Bible is greater than all, including our ancestors, and we recognize the lordship of Jesus over our lives.
“Rumuikpo were first in many things, including the first to settle in this village. We decided to honour God before I take over fully, because without Him I can do nothing. I will rule with fear of God”, the new head of Rumuikpo said while calling for the cooperation of all to enable Rumuikpo achieve its full potentials.  Rumuikpo kindred is made up of Ezinwo, Amadi and Omodu group of compounds.

In his remarks at the occasion, Chief Peter Amadi noted: “With the ceremony of today, Chief Godfrey Omodu can now be recognized as head of Rumuikpo kindred”, while giving his blessings.

Also speaking, Chief Goodluck Ezinwo recalled that Rumuikpo have always been pacesetters. “We have been firsts on so many things. This is the first time the head of a kindred is being given a Bible as symbol of authority in Elibrada, instead of the traditional staff, on the day of his inauguration. This is because of our Christian persuasion.

“We have no shrine: we serve the living God, who made the heavens and the earth. We have no doubt that soon, others will follow in our steps as more people embrace the Christian faith.
“The Word of God is our light and guide. We are following in the steps of our fathers who chose the ways of God over and above the traditions of men”, he summed while calling on all sons and daughters of Rumuikpo to continue to follow the ways of God, which was handed over to them by their fathers.

Also reacting to the development, the founder of Notable Outome, Iheanyi Ezinwo, thanked God for the privilege of being part of the history. He urged Rumuikpo to expect unusual blessings from God because of the rare honour and demonstration of faith in Him.

The ceremony featured presentation of gifts and dances.