Guber 2023: Notable Outcome To Unveil Hope Of Rivers After Assessment Of Candidates’ Blueprint On Moving State From Consumption To Production Economy

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) The recent amendments to the Electoral Act in Nigeria has changed the dynamics of the electoral process by increasing the probability of the citizen’s votes counting in the choice of who occupies one public office or the other.


To ensure that Rivers people are guided in the new regime, where competition for political power is suddenly shifting  away from brigande to ideas, the Management of Notable Outcome has offered governorship candidates in Rivers State an opportunity to send their blue prints to the global news medium for assessment by scholars.


The plan is that, proposals that meet the criteria of originality, clarity, relevance and feasibility would be selected, and  the candidates  given opportunity  to adopt and amplify their blueprints at an event in Rivers State where they will enjoy local and global news mileage. Besides, the candidate with the best proposition shall be honoured at the event with the Hope of Rivers 2023 Award.

In this connection therefore, the Management of Notable Outcome wishes to inform any candidate who is yet to send in his or her blueprints that they have up to the end of September, 2022 to do so.

There is no doubt that Rivers people are expectant of a better life, where the State’s active population are meaningfully engaged; level of poverty reduced and the Gross Domestic Product increased
by a deliberate policy of shifting  the State’s economy from Consumption to Production.


The corollary is that, 2023 will not be business as usual: any politician who takes the voters fore granted will be doing so at his own peril because the probability of the  choice of the majority prevailing  in 2023 is high.


The Management of  Notable is thus  committed to mobilizing all eligible voters to support only  fit and proper persons to preside over the affairs of the state and of the entire country, going forward.


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