Hon. OCJ Okocha, MFR, SAN, GSSRS, JP

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)- Widely reported suggestion of possible shift in the dates of the forthcoming election in Rivers State by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to a later and isolated date to enable the leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress, resolve its court cases and participate in the exercise is not going down well with a cross section of the political class and close watchers of the political process in Rivers State and Nigeria.

In his own response to the suggestion by INEC, a former National President of Nigerian Bar Association, Hon. Onueze Okocha, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, said the proposal, which smells of collusion with the All Progressives Congress, is unacceptable and a threat to national security.

He argued that the suggestion is a further evidence that officials of the electoral body have been compromised, and are now being driven by a hidden agenda to give undue advantage to the All Progressives Congress over and above other parties in the election, especially the Peoples Democratic Party, in Rivers State. Hon. Okocha however warned that the move have the potential of truncating Nigeria’s democracy, while warning that time and the law waits for no man.

His words: “INEC’s proposal is totally unacceptable and seems to indicate that the Commission is not independent at all and has all along been in cahoots with the APC.

“INEC has a hidden agenda as had been earlier suggested by several persons and the Commission and its compromised officials must be warned not to do anything to truncate Nigeria’s democracy.

“Time waits for no man, and neither does the law”, he summed.