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Humility: The Secret In Ambassador Desmond Akawor’s Story

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-Ambassador Desmond Akawor, from Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, is a house hold name in Rivers and has also made his mark at the national level and at the global stage. From the Niger Delta Basin Development Authority where he served as general manager, to Nigerian Ports Authority where he was Executive Director, to his last national service as Nigeria’s Ambassador to South Korea, between 2008 and 2015, the man has remained humble and focused on giving quality services to God and humanity.

The story is not different at the Greater Port Harcourt Development Authority where he has been serving as administrator since June 2015, an assignment which he currently combines with his most current appointment as Director General of the Rivers State PDP Campaign Organisation.

On all his assignments, Ambassador Akawor effortlessly justified the use of power, as well as the confidence of those who gave him the opportunities to serve. His humility and rare exemplary style of leadership, according observers, remain the reasons why appointments have kept coming, and will continue to come to the man of many parts.

Although many observers can see that the man has been making steady progress in public service over time but what many do not know is that his secret lies in his humility and fair sense of judgment in all his dealings with all those who cross his path. At every turn, Ambassador Akawor has mustered the courage to reach whatever goals that are set for him because of his commitment to service and understanding that courtesy costs nothing and conveys much.

As Director General of the PDP Campaign Organisation in Rivers State, the man has remained unassuming and carrying out his duties with high sense of responsibility. Visitors to the campaign office, who come in contact with him cannot believe the man’s simplicity and humaneness. Those who expect to see a master are shocked to see an Akawor who is ever ready to serve, and we gathered that this has been his hall mark and the reason why he enjoys the favour of all, including his bosses and subordinates.

He takes pleasure in assisting visitors, and ensuring that every programme at the Campaign office go on as planned with minimum difficulties, up to the arrangement of seats before the commencement of any major event. The Oyigbo – born politician is friendly,   thorough and  a model leader, who has served; still serving and well equipped to provide exemplary leadership even when no none is watching.

In a country where vindictiveness has destroyed some people’s sense of values and objectivity, the likes of Ambassador Desmond Akawor, who treats others fairly should be celebrated as model leader. Akawor seems to have a good understanding of the truth that, the highest exercise of charity should be towards the uncharitable, and he does it. He also appears to be guided by the principle of E. Fromm that: “not he who has much that is rich but he who gives much”.

Having proven overtime to be a workman who rejoices in his work and laughs away its discomforts, Ambassador Akawor is sure to rise-to greater heights,  to provide exemplary leadership, for the good of humanity and to the glory of God.

The likes of Akawor, who is both a gentlemen in manner and at heart, can hardly be beaten in any contest where integrity, fairness and self less service are determining factors. Our prayer is for others to learn what is true in order to do what is right, wherever they find themselves.

Iheanyi Ogbakiri Ezinwo (08068756996), is the publisher of Notable Outcome ( distinct newspaper that is read globally).

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