I Want To Be Governor To Save Rivers People From Mental Slavery; Restore Dignity Of Dead Legislature, Says Leyii Kwane

Rt. Hon.Leyii Kwane, Governorship Candidate of Zenith Labour Party, says that he is in the race for the Rivers State Government House to restore the confidence of the people in government.

Speaking with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt, the former deputy speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, said that, like every other Rivers person, that he was not happy with the way things currently are in Rivers State.


“I want to be Governor to change the way things are. I was at the Rivers  State   House of Assembly during the Valedictory of late former member days ago and it shocked me that just five honourable members sat, and that amounted  to quorum: it should not be so.


“So, there is the death of the legislature in Rivers State currently. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The executive arm of government does not represent the populace, it is the legislative arm that does.They are in touch with the voters that elected them.


“If the legislative arm is dead, it means governance is dead because there will be no one to call the Executive Governor of the state to order.


“Remember that inherent in each and every one of us is the tendency to be dictatorial. Now  that the legislative arm of the state is dead that’s why you can see our Governor behave the way he is doing”, he maintained.


Responding to a question, Kwane further said:

“Zenith Labour Party has structure in the 23 Local Government Areas. Above all, we have established contacts with a lot of Non Governmental Organisations and  community based organisations that are also desirous of saving Rivers State from the present malaise.


“Ours is a movement to salvage the people from the current mental slavery that our political task master has subjected us to.


“If elected, we are going to ensure that all governmental institutions are strengthened, with the independence of the legislature, executive and judiciary.


“Government should be accountable to the people. We will ensure that funds are properly accounted for. We  will not throw projects on the people; we have to do a needs assessment.


“Currently, you can see that there is a lot of youth restiveness occasioned by unemployment. Rivers State is blessed and there are so many virgin areas that are yet to be tapped.


“I intend to set up an industrial park where a lot of activities  can go on, for people in entertainment, ICT etc.We will provide the atmosphere to bring out the best that is in Rivers people”, he explained.


Speaking further, the Khana born politician declared that the  Ogonis alone  cannot produce a  governor of Rivers State.


“Democracy is about choices, and in politics it is not over untill it is over. If you are going on a trip, you have to go with a spare tyre; you never can tell what will happen on the road.


“For me, governorship of Rivers State is beyond Ogoni. Ikwerre people love me; Kalabari people love me, and  Etche people love me because I have worked extensively with the youth, the women and the elderly over the years.


“I have a very wide acceptability across the state. The Ogoniman, is sure that, in me, a Governor for Rivers State of Ogoni extraction will emerge in 2023.


“Rivers people  have been disappointed severally because of trust deficit in the land. Be rest assured that, by the grace of God, if you give me your vote, there is hope, and there is light at the end of the tunnel because we will be accountable to you and do things differently”, he summed.

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