Prof. Smeon Achinewhu, President General of Ogbakor Ikwerre World Wide

Ikwerre’s Historical Link To Benin: Barefaced Lies – Ani

(By Chris K.Amadi)- The position of Prof. Eric Amadi that majority of the Ikwerre settlements have their roots traceable from the old Benin Empire; that Iwhnurọhna people descended from the ancient Bini Kingdom as published in Notable Outcome, did not go down well with Mr. K. Ani, who in his reaction dismissed the claim as barefaced lies.

Ani, who said the Igbos are not pleased with this line of thinking and history, asked: “How can Ikwerre come from Bini when archeological and other evidence show that Ikwerre people were in their present location long before the arrival of the Binis in their area and the creation of their “empire”.  Eric had an advice for Ikwerre people: “Go and read your history and stop making a mockery of yourself”.

However, the reaction of Ani did not go unchallenged. In his response, Eric, using, had this to say:

“Whereas you make sense with your line of thoughts….”Ikwerre people were in their present location long BEFORE the arrival of the Binis……”, you lost me when you started to attack the writer.

“History is the study of past events……, and those studies are ongoing everywhere in the world. Some Igbo historians claimed that Igbos originated from Israel, traveled through Egypt, Sudan, before settling in their present location, is that true?
“We don’t know, I am sure it is still being studied. I happened to be one of those who were mandated to learn Igbo language before the Nigerian Civil War, and I detest it till this day.

“ Igbos cannot reject Ikwerre, because Ikwerre were never Igbos. There are Igboid Ikwerres, for example, those whose both parents and grandparents were of Igbo origins and knows no other home or place of origin than Ikwerre, like the Aros.
“ Ikwerres and very friendly generous and accommodating people, and the Igbos should learn to coexist with their neighbors without this unending desire to own and colonize other ethnic nationalities.

“ The US don’t use their size, wealth and common language to claim England. The Yorubas with English first and last names are not being claimed by the English, so why the obsession to claim Ikwerre as Igbos, for the same aforementioned reasons?

“Nigeria will be a better place, historically, if people will concentrate more on studying about their own origins and share their knowledge with others for more constructive dialogue and education. That would be more respectful!

“ It is this politics of ownership that has set the Igbo leadership backwards. If the Igbos use their population and leadership, by playing politics of inclusiveness or regional cooperation, based on common grounds, you will be amazed how far they will go in actualizing their desired political and economic goals.

“ It would also help if they would channel their human and financial resources into developing their towns, villages, and States, rather than other people’s cities and towns. Use your God given resources and intellect to build up your place, and people will come”, Mr. Eric concluded.

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