Importance Of Emotions: Why IQ Isn’t Everything

Emotional Intelligence:
People with higher IQs do better in life, right? No, not necessarily. Being clever is not everything.
Instead, a quality that is much more associated with achievement is Emotional Intelligence. This concept describes how we recognise and manage our own emotions, and the emotions of other people.
Emotional Intelligence is generally divided into personal and interpersonal skills. Personal skills include understanding and managing your own emotions and abilities, and include self-awareness, self-management, and motivation. People with good personal skills understand their emotions, and what triggers particular feelings, and are able to manage them effectively. They also have a good understanding of what they are good at, and their personal resources.

Interpersonal skills include empathy and social skills. Empathy is an awareness of others’ feelings and emotions, and is the sense that you understand these as if they were happening to you. You don’t just feel for someone else, you feel with them if you are empathetic. Social skills is a very broad term, but in emotional intelligence is used to describe an ability to handle and influence other people’s emotions effectively.
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