Importance Of Life Skills For Future Stability


By Mukul Royy:

If you want to grow as a man, become completely self-reliant . Believe in yourself a little more. If you’re happy in a relationship, keep it private.

Some women suck. They will hurt you. But obsessing over it, hating them and saying: “All women are the same“, is childish. And it won’t help you in any way, whatsoever.

Lesson here: If you never write, you’ll never experience true clarity. If you never read, you’ll never expand your mind. If you never excercise, you won’t get healthy.

No amount of thinking will solve the problem but taking action will. If you don’t take action, you won’t understand how something works. Trying to figure out how everything works before you take action is setting yourself up for failure.

Start anyhow. You’ll be surprised how the dots begin to connect along the way.

It’s not about having a degree in finance , it’s about being educated in handling your finances.

Making money plus learning how to grow them is a powerful combination .
There’s no need to hate anyone.

Figure out a version of yourself you want to become and focus on becoming that version everyday,
Don’t get attached to anything or anybody.

Attachment leads to a fear of loss, which leads to a scarcity mindset. Accept that nothing is forever.

Don’t put a ceiling on yourself and set limitations. Instead, be flexible about your ideas and choices.


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