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Kalabaris Urged Not To Be Carried Away By Antics Of Those Pretending To Love Them More Than They Love Themselves …There Is Time For Every Thing—Glory Emeh

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(By Chris K.Amadi)-Former Chief Of Staff, Rivers State Government House and the current Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters and Strategy, Bar. Emeh Glory Emeh, has enjoined the people of Kalabari kingdom not to be carried away by the antics of those who are pretending to love them more than they love themselves, and can be said to be crying more than the bereaved.

The special adviser was speaking while interacting with a group known as Kalabari Democratic Front led by Comrade Charles Inko-Tariah, member of Board of Trustees of the organisation over the weekend in Port Harcourt.
Chief Glory Emeh told the Kalabari Democratic Front that patience, planning, goodwill, negotiation and God’s appointed time are ingredients that drive the desire for a Rivers governor of Kalabari extraction in the future and not the deceitful posture of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, current Minister of Transportation who had in the past despised the Kalabari ethnic nationality while he was governor of Rivers state.

“I want to thank you for the opinion you expressed while on Rhythm programme “Talk of the town” wherein you advised those clamouring for Kalabari governor to be patient and work with the present administration in the state, with the aim of negotiating the position of Kalabari ethnic nationality after Governor Wike has completed his constitutionally guaranteed eight years in office.

“ I have also head that you have taken the message of love and patience to Kalabari students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria and for that I commend you most sincerely. I was excited listening to you in that programme and felt proud that there are still intelligent young people in our midst who appreciate the political dynamics of the state and the need to discuss rather than confront, as the so called later day deceitful admirers of the people of the reverine extraction appear to be promoting.

“The approach of the Kalabari Democratic Front is essentially the best because not much can be achieved by confrontation, rather we can climb mountains by negotiation. Governor Wike’s style of administration has been inclusive, ensuring that no section of the state is neglected in the distribution of infrastructural amenities and appointments.

“What we need in Rivers State is a leader who is detribalized, and who our people can trust irrespective of where he comes from, and Governor Wike has sufficiently demonstrated that he can continue to cement the bond of fraternal coexistence and carry all citizens of the state along”, the political strategist posited.
Earlier in his speech, Comrade Inko-Tariah had expressed concerns over those he referred to as enemies of the Kalabaris, who, when they had opportunity to help the Kalabari people they abandoned them and collected what ordinarily should have been available to the Kalabaris. He recalled that in 2015, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi was in a position to nominate a Kalabari as the minister of transportation zoned to Rivers State since he knows that his people of the upland is occupying the governorship seat but he didn’t do this but is now coming to deceive our people by flying the kite of a Kalabari governor.

This is more painful when it is realized that the only Kalabari person he can see is a Lagosian who does not even know the route to his ward and had never spoken even the most simple Kalabari language: ‘igbate’
Comrade Inko Tariah also informed Governor Wike’s special adviser that if Chibuike Amaechi actually loved the Kalabari people he would have located the Naval College in the coastal area of the state who really need the facility because of the menace of sea pirates but the so called new facilitator of Kalabari governorship ambition selfishly took the Naval College to his home village of Ubima, a decision the human rights activist described as unfortunate.

He advised the people of Kalabari to ignore the antics of Amaechi and his co-travelers and toe the approach of discussion and negotiation adopted by Kalabari elders in 1999 led by late Marshall Harry and people like Alabo Graham Douglas in arriving on which ethnic group occupies which position in the state. Comr. Charles Inko-Tariah maintained that it will pay the Kalabari better to join hands with other well meaning Rivers people to support Governor Wike ‘s re-election in 2019 and be prepared thereafter to negotiate for power shift to the Kalabari.

“Anything short of discussion and negotiation will be counter productive. I am familiar with the politics of this state as a human rights activist for over 30 years and will not support any attempt by anyone, no matter how highly placed, to pitch the Kalabari against their neighbours in the state.

“This is because every ethnic group need the other to make progress and Kalabaris will not fall victim to Amaechi’s ideas pretending to be in the interest of our people. Given Rt.Hon. Amaechi’s antecedents, and all the unfulfilled promises made to Kalabari while he was governor of the state, it will be foolhardy for any true Kalabari person to believe the propositions of Rotimi Amaechi”, Inko-Tariah concluded.

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