Killings: Karibi-Whyte Says Restructuring Is Solution, Urges Nigerians To Sustain The Clamour

Barr. Monima Karibi-Whyte

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-As Fulani herdsmen go on rampage killing people in their homes and farms, especially in Plateau, Taraba and Benue States, with no convincing responses from the federal government to bring the perpetrators to book, a legal practitioner, Mr. Monima Karibi-Whyte has called on Nigerians who desire positive change to sustain the clamour for restructuring.
Speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt on the weekend slaughtering of scores of people in three local government areas of Plateau state by Fulani herdsmen, Barrister Monima Karibi-Whyte, who is the head of Coronation Chambers in Port Harcourt, argued that, in the unfortunate situation where the killers allegedly enjoy the protection of security agencies, that restructuring remained the answer to the impunity of the killers.
Decrying a situation where insecurity prevails and scores of lives lost regularly in the predominantly Christian states, in what some Nigerians have referred to as ethnic cleansing by invading Fulani who are determined to wipe away communities and turn their farmlands to their grazing fields for their cattle, the legal practitioner insisted that all Nigerians must condemn the aberration and be committed to checking the determination of some misguided persons to frustrate the development of the country.
According to Mr. Karibi-Whyte, “ all these things bother on unity of this country. If we are one and supposed to be together, then we must all feel comfortable and we must all feel safe. When you find yourself in a situation where your neighbour can come and slaughter you and afterwards enjoy the security of the public agencies, then there is a fundamental problem.
“ We have been talking about restructuring. Those clamouring for it may have agenda but the agenda is based on the fact that restructuring is better than asking for independence or secession. It is better than dividing the country: It is looking at what we have and see how we can continue to survive together but under a different arrangement and platform.
“It means that, instead of killing ourselves because of land or because of ruler ship or because we feel that, on the event of any election, vote may go in a particular manner, things like ethnic cleansing will come and divide or change the way people are to vote. Restructuring is about giving people control over their destinies, over their God given resources”, he explained.
The legal practitioner insisted that restructuring is obviously the only solution to the unending killings in Nigeria, as it will include amending the constitution to provide for state police and create a new order that will discourage blood thirsty fellows from moving from one location to another, and slaughtering innocent people in their homes and farms for doubtful reasons.
Mr. Monima Karibi-Whyte said Nigerians must not be discouraged by opposition to calls for a new order in Nigeria, arguing that the nation’s founding fathers were faced with a similar situation before independence, but that their perseverance won Nigeria political freedom.
He challenged Nigerians to follow in the steps of our founding fathers by sustaining the agitation for restructuring, even as he maintained that restructuring will come whether they like it or not.
“Fortunately for us, the election is coming up next year; so anybody who does not want to toe the popular line and think of how to keep people safe will not get the votes he is asking for,’’ he summed.

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