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Movement Of American Embassy To Jerusalem: Expert Explains The Significance

Recently, the United States of America moved her embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In an encounter with Iheanyi Ezinwo, publisher of Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt, Dr. Steve Ogan, an evangelist who has been flying across the globe preaching the Word of God, explains the significance of that move. Happy reading:
It is important to note that many so called political, economic and social events of our contemporary times are actually fulfillment of prophecy. The significance of America moving her embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem are multi-dimensional. First, we must understand that America is not just a nation, America is a conglomeration of nations. And so for us, America to move her embassy to Jerusalem, it is like a conglomeration of nations under one umbrella are making a statement. Israel is a sign to the entire world. The Scripture says, “Israel is my Son, my first born”. Israel is not first born because it is the first nation on earth, Israel is the first born because it is the first nation that entered into a covenant with God; and whoever blesses Israel is blessed. In this end time, Israel is a sign to the entire world.
There is an ancient prophecy which will help us understand the deep significance of the movement of the Embassy of the United States to Jerusalem. It was given by Judah Ben Samuel, a German Rabbi and he prophesied in the year 1217. In that prophecy which has many strands but which has culminated in the fulfillment of prophecy based on the movement of this embassy. Judah Ben Samuel said in 1217 that Ottoman Turks will take over Jerusalem in 1517. 1217 to 1517 is exactly 300 years. So long after he died the first strand of the prophecy was fulfilled. The Ottoman Turks, who are Muslims took over Jerusalem exactly as was prophesied in 1517.
In that prophecy which was given in 1217, Judah Ben Samuel said that the Ottoman Turks , the Muslims will rule Jerusalem for eight jubilees. A jubilee is 50 years, so 50 times 8 is 400, and true to the prophecy in exactly 400 years later, in 1917, the Ottoman Turks’ rule ended and that prophecy of 8 jubilees came to pass and their rule ended in exactly 1917, the Ottoman Turks were defeated. That prophecy, don’t forget said that, at the end of the Ottoman Turks, Jerusalem will be no man’s land for one jubilee, and from 1917 to 1967, Jerusalem was more like no man’s land .It was under the League of Nations which was first managed by Britain. When the League of Nations became obsolete, the United Nations took over. So between 1917 and 1967, Jerusalem technically was a no man’s land.
In that prophecy which was given in 1217, don’t forget that Judah Ben Samuel said that, by the end of the season when Jerusalem will be a no man’s land it will revert to their original owners. Remarkably, Israel conquered East Jerusalem and took it over in 1967: that is, the final stages of the return of Messiah would have been reached. Take note: eight jubilees, 1517 to 1917; 9th jubilee, 1917 to 1967 when Jerusalem was no man’s land and 10th jubilee when Jerusalem would have been in the hand of the Jews for at least 50 years, that is 1967 to 2017.
Then comes Donald Trump, the President of America in 2017, and proclaiming that he is moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. You can now see that it came at a critical time when we are at the final stages of the second coming. The man who moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem happens to be the Cyrus of our generation. Don’t forget that Cyrus is mentioned in Isaiah 45 and it was mentioned in connection with rebuilding Jerusalem. “Cyrus, my anointed, my servant who does not know me, he will rebuild Jerusalem”. Then comes another Cyrus, Donald Trump who is the 45 th President of America. Remember that Cyrus was mentioned in Isaiah 45. And he comes to rebuild Jerusalem in another context-in a political context, in a diplomatic context and actually began the process of constructing a new embassy only last year, 2917.
And to the best of our knowledge it has sparked off a lot of provocation. In Zechariah chapter 12, the Bible says Jerusalem will be like a source of contention, a heavy stone that whoever would want to lift that stone will be cut. And that is what is happening with the relocation of the embassy of America, and the loss of more than 50 lives just before the inauguration of the embassy. Significantly, Trump moved American embassy to Jerusalem when Israel was celebrating her 70th anniversary of nationhood. Seventy talks about the completion of a programme and the beginning of rest. The movement is therefore a signal that we are in the last days of the coming of the Messiah.
Every body must brace up himself and make sure that he is on the Lord’s side. Instructively, two other nations have moved their embassies to Jerusalem within 14/15 days after America did, and one of them is Guatemala. An European nation is planning to do so and we are at a critical time. You can see old prophecy fulfilled meticulously, evidencing that man can know the mind of God; the end from the beginning.

Dr. Steve Ogan is a former lecturer in the Department of History, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Ibadan. He is an anointed teacher and a much sought-after marriage counselor, evangelist, and poet and presides over the High Calling Outreach based in Port Harcourt.

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