Senate President, Ahmed Lawan

(By Uzo Nwamara)- Recently, a pipeline explosion at Komkom in Oyigbo Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria, claimed many lives. This horrifying incident caused a stir and blames flew here and there.

This night on TV I saw a Senate Committee sent to investigate the incident on a visit to the Governor of Rivers State. The  Deputy Governor, Dr Ipalibo Banigo, received the committee on behalf of the Governor.

On the same news, another committee has been set up by the House of Representatives to investigate the same incident.

Do we have one or two National Assemblies? Couldn’t the NASS have met and set up one committee to investigate the incident instead of duplicating the responsibility that will have one outcome. Is it not the same people that the Senate Committee will be meeting the same people that the Committee of the House of Representatives will be meeting too?

These unnecessary duplication of responsibilities have remained the modus operandi of the NASS over the years. Is this lack of creativity in operational model not part of the reasons the NASS burdens the nation with bloated budgets every year?

This Eight Assembly must take into account the poor state of our finances and devise money-saving ways of carrying out her activities. All these expensive oversight functions can be creatively carried out by having slimmer joint committees of both houses.

These unnecessary duplication of responsibilities by NASS does not make sense at all. Every citizen and all arms of government must be part of the project of pulling this country out of the woods.