Prof.Okey Onuchukwu

Nigeria Is Poor Because Majority Are Poor – Prof. Okey

(By Silas Tamuno) -As mixed reactions trail the declaration of Nigeria’s Senate President, Ahmed Lawan that Nigeria is a poor country, Prof. Okey Onuchukwu has partly thrown his weight behind the senator while also holding that the country is generously endowed with material and human resources that should guarantee her prosperity.

He said: “To some extent, I agree that Nigeria is poor. On the other hand, I believe that we are not poor because resources are in abundance.

The professor of Economics at the University of Port Harcourt further stated:

“If we take the first part of it, Nigeria is poor because majority of the Nigerian population are below poverty line.

“If you look at the research carried out by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics and used by World Bank for it’s yearly report on Nigeria, you find out that so many Nigerians cannot afford 170 Naira per day. So, it means that, generally, the Nigerian citizens are poor.

“But you also find out that there are very very rich individuals who have taken all the resources that are meant for all of us, for their personal use.

“Many of the available resources and the wealth of the nation are in the hands of very few individuals. So the generality of the people are poor while very few individuals.are very very very rich.

“So, that is the kind of country we find ourselves. On that side, I agree with the Senate president that Nigeria is poor.Then, on the other hand, we can also say that Nigeria is a rich cou try because we have abundant resources- both material and human resources although the human resources we have in Nigeria might not be of high quality.

“They need to be trained to acquire capacity to manage the resources available.

“Apart from oil, in Zamfara we have things like gold: people are mining stones that are used in building houses and roads. We also have bitumen.

” Nigeria is very rich in resources but the problem is technogy for transforming them to better our lives is not there.

“That is why I say that the quality of labour that we have is low. They need to be trained to acquire the necessary technology to use these resources to better our lives.

“Nigeria is a rich country. It is also a poor country but on the average, we can say that the country is poor because majority of the people live below the poverty line”, the university don summed.


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