Nwabueze: Igbo Elders Will Be Forced To Takeover Biafra Agitation

(By Chris K. Amadi)-Igbo elders are threatening to take over the agitation for Independent State of Biafra,IPOB, if President Muhammadu Buhar fails or neglects to remove IPOB from the list of terrorist organizations.
The threat was give by a notable constitutional lawyer in Nigeria, Prof. Ben Nwabueze when he received officials of IPOB in Anambra State.
His warning: “If the injustice being meted by the Federal Government on IPOB is not addressed, it will get to the stage when it will become an all embracing Igbo movement, that elders like me will take over the agitation and it will spell doom for the country”, while querying the rationale for proscribing IPOB when armed herdsmen, who have been going about slaughtering other Nigerians in their farms and homes have not been declared as terrorists.

Prof. Nwabueze further insisted that the south east will be willing to dialogue with the Federal Government only when the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization is reversed.

“I will not participate in any kind of peace talk so long as IPOB remains proscribed, so long as IPOB remains a terrorist group or organisation in the eye of the Federal Government. IPOB is only agitating for Biafra and self determination; they have killed nobody. On the contrary, IPOB members have been killed and are still being killed by the Federal Government’s troops.

“Nothing has been done to those who have committed murder and slaughtered innocent and law abiding citizens. You have not even disarmed the herdsmen, they are still moving about with AK 47riffles slaughtering people all over the places”, the elder statesman further lamented.

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