Reps Member Tasks Opposition To NGO Bill To Present Views At Public Hearing

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(By Chris K. Amadi) As a lot of dust appear in the horizon over the proposed Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Regulation and Co-ordination Law, concerned stake holders have been challenged to take advantage of the Public hearing to express their fears and allow the standing committee to do justice to the bill.
The challenge was contained in a statement issued by Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Buba Jibril from Kogi state, while clarifying that the scope of the bill does not extend to Churches, mosques, esusu and market women associations.
The Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Representatives also alleged that some NGOs were implicated in the north eastern part of the Nigeria for funding the activities of insurgents.
His words:
“The NGOs bill is primarily to set up a commission to regulate their activities and provide a platform for robust relationships between them and the government for the interest of Nigerians”, even as he added that the bill, which exists in other countries in West Africa is to ensure transparency and accountability in the ways NGOs collect and apply their funds.
He invited those who have issues with the bill to take advantage of the public hearing to express views, instead of resorting to propaganda to guide the committee working on the bill.
It would be recalled that the contentious NGO regulation bill has already passed first and second readings in the House of Representatives, and on its way to final passage after the public hearing and debate, to check alleged illegal activities of some Non Governmental Organisations.

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