Outrage As Junior Staff Earns N2.4M Monthly Salary At Pencom … 5 Times More Than Professor


A junior staff at the National Pension Commission, Pencom, goes home with 2.4 million Naira monthly salary, and this revelation at the House of Representatives investigation has further worsened the perception of Nigeria as a very corrupt country.

The House of Representatives Committee on Finance found that the commission budgeted 12.02 billion for it’s entire workforce as salaries for one year

Speaking on House the of Representatives Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper on Thursday, the House Committee revealed that the commission also budgeted N2.5 billion for other staff costs for 2022.


Earlier, the Director-General of the Commission, Aisha Dahiru-Umar, had submitted that Pencom their staff salaries were competitive and training programs regular to ensure that their staffers not vulnerable to compromises


“The commission has to source and retain highly trained staff. We have to build capacity. We have to train our staff. That is one of the expenses. We have to train them. We have to avoid what is known as regulatory capture. What this means is that our staff will compromise.


“As we are now when we go to examine the operators, we don’t take more than drinking water from them. We don’t compromise because our staff are well paid. We must earn more than the entity we regulate,” Mrs Dahiru-Umar told the lawmakers.


In his submission, a member of the Committee, Aminu Suleiman, said that his calculation showed that, with N12.02 billion and 500 staff, a staffer of PenCom earns N2.4 million monthly, but the Pencom boss disagreed, clarifying that the items covered all allowances, including training.



“Personnel cost is not restricted to salaries; we have about 14 items here. The salaries, the allowances—both the training, allowances and others come under this. Nobody earns a million in PenCom from the DG downward. Maybe we are doing it wrongly. However, we categorize everything as personnel cost,’ she further explained.


However, the dissatisfied
Rep Suleiman drew the attention of Mrs Dahiru-Umar insisted that the document which the Director General of Pencom submitted, indicated that the N12.02 billion was for salaries, demanded that the commission provide all the components of their staff salaries.



Concerned Nigerians who spoke with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt regretted the high level of corruption in Nigeria, even as they faulted the rationale for a junior staff to have as much as 2.4 million Monthly provision, an amount they describes as five times the monthly salaries of a professor in Federal Government owned universities.

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