Pastors Who Remarry After Divorce Are Living In Adultery; Rev. Oti Re-Echoes On 25th Wedding Anniversary

(By Silas Ofori) – Pastors and other Christians who divorce their wives and remarry are rebelling against the Word of God and living in adultery. This declaration was re-echoed by Rev. Goddy Oti, General Overseer of Footmarks of Christ Ministries while speaking with Notable Outcome on the sidelines of the 25 anniversary celebration of his marriage in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Rev. Oti, who advised all those who have divorced their wives to remain single as instructed by the Lord in Matthew 5:32, or reconcile with their wives, observed that many of those divorcing do so because of impatience. “They are not willing to let go: they are not willing to hold on. Another reason people divorce is because of lust for the opposite sex. Today, women abound; same as men”, he asserted, even as he added that any one going into marriage should know that his wife’s physique would change after awhile, especially after child birth. The same, according to him for the husband, as he gets older; and that changes in other areas of a man’s life can also take place in course of time.

On his experiences in the last 25 years, Rev. Oti, who is also a Chemical Pathologist explains: “Before I got married, I thought that women, especially Christian young ladies were angels. I thought they were infallible, but I later found that they are not different from other women in some respects.
A woman is a woman, whether born again or not, he asserts, stressing that the only difference is that the woman that fears God is influenced by the word of God, and so ties to behave differently and better.
The general overseer further hinted that when they got married, he thought his my wife will see things the same way he saw things, but he discovered that it does not work that way. “I discovered that she was not that perfect person that I had thought she was. I discovered I needed to do a lot of work on her and on myself in order for us to live in harmony. So I began to learn, that it is not all about me alone since my wife was coming from a different background. So we had to marry the two backgrounds to make it work”, Rev. Oti further explained, adding however that if someone follows what is in a marriage, that he might not be able to sustain it.
Rev. Oti said God taught him patience, and that tolerance for each other is what has brought their marriage to the current level of better understanding.
He advised young ones desiring to get married to seek correct information on the responsibilities in marriage so they can be adequately prepared by building their foundation on God, instead of on the faulty foundation of immorality, which according to him, is the reason for the troubles and divorce in some marriages.
The general overseer of Footmarks of Christ Ministries, therefore counseled those intending to get married to be patient and pray well for divine guidance so that it might be well with them. He warned that any marriage built on infatuation and immorality is on a wrong foundation, the reason why many of them are not standing the test of time.

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