Adam Oshiomhole, APC National Chairman

(By Chris K.Amadi)-The conflict in the Rivers state chapter of the All Progressives Congress is getting more protracted by the day prompting some chieftains of the party to conclude that short term reconciliations have become unrealistic and that deep seated mistrust would make it very difficult for peace to be achieved in the once promising party.

This is the position of a chieftain of the APC in Rivers state, Prince Tonye Princewill, who, in a statement issued on Monday, observed that, “Many of the leading actors are pretty stubborn. They either don’t mind seeing APC lose in Rivers state again for a third time or they believe 2015 and 2019 cannot be repeated in 2023”.

On Hon. Igo Aguma’s open letter to the National Chairman of the APC, the Prince of Kalabari kingdom clarifies his position: ‘’Even though I do not agree with some of what he said, nor his approach, my default position is still peace, not to attack Igo and defend my leader”.

Although he explains that talking peace with people you don’t agree with is not easy, the Prince adds that the party must find a way to resolve the differences, even if many well meaning members frown at peace as an option.

“Granted, not all of what Hon. Aguma said will go down well with many of us, but he spoke some hard truths and the minds of many silent others. As leaders we must learn to listen.

“I don’t want another disagreement to lead into a crisis and so, on my part, I will work for unity and a new style of conflict resolution. We are where we are today, as a party and as a state because of choices that we made yesterday. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results”, he maintained.

Tonye Princewill warns that the APC in Rivers State has powerful enemies inside and outside of the state, and because some interests in the party are underestimated, powerful enemies outside the state are joining forces with those inside to threaten the party’s future in the state.
The politician further challenged those who feel strongly that some people are being sponsored to destabilise the party to ‘’prove it and discredit them, otherwise consider that they may have their own agenda and are looking for a sponsor’’.
He insists that many other party faithful are equally as aggrieved as Igo Aguma. “Igo and Emma spoke the minds of even people who are abusing them today. I know this because I speak to all. They won’t go public, because they see how Igo and Emma are treated.
He insists that hsipryy must learn from history. “While we succeeded nationally, here in Rivers state, we did not. We must all learn from history or else we again will be doomed to repeat it”.