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PIB: Protest Of Governors Equals Vote Of No Confidence Against Southern Lawmakers


(By Chuks Omie) – On Monday Governors of the 17 states of Nigeria be, at a meeting in Lagos, among other resolutions, rejected the three percent allocated to the host communities and other vexatius provisions in the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, by the National Assembly last week.
While there is nothing wrong in itself in the resolution of the governors, obsten sibly to ensure that those who contribute more to the common pause are fairly and equitably rewarded, the move appears to be rather reactive.
The reason is because, the PIB has been at the National Assembly over the years, and the representatives of each of the southern states participated in the passage of the unfriendly bill.

If they were effective representatives of the people, their voices should have been heard; they should have been the ones leading the protests long before the passage of the bill.To the best of our knowledge, there were no reports of walk outs by lawmakers from the south to register their opposition to the offensive sections of the bill.

Untill now, people used to label state lawmakers as rubber stamp, but the indifference of the representatives of the southern states at the National Assembly when the interest of their people was at stake makes one to wonder whose interest that they are serving.

The protest of the governors, coming after the PIB has been passed is a vote of no confidence on the law makers.They have failed to fulfill the legitimate expectations of their constituents, who are unhappy with the outcome after years of clamouring for the PIB.

The failure of representatives of the southern states gives further credence to the fear that the politicians are in Abuja to help themselves, and care less about the feelings and aspirations of their people. Because of their insensitivity, the southern part of the country is losing out in almost all fronts in the distribution of the common wealth, when ordinarily, they should be getting the lion share because of their preponderant contribution to the common coffers.

The failure of southern legislators to fight for their constituents, evidenced witb crediblef results, brings to question the quality of people representing the south at the National Assembly as well as the integrity of their recruitment process.

If any thing, this poor representation, for the upteenth time is enough reason to interrogate the leadership recruitment process in the south with a view to ensuring that only those who are courageous, and understands the feelings and aspirations of their people, and who can be trusted to subordinate their selfish interests to the collective are given the mandate to go to the National Assembly.

From all indications, the governors appear not to be on the same page with the lawmakers, and that is not a good omen for the entire southern part of Nigeria.The governors should however be commended for insisting on the ban against open grazing. They should also be commended for demanding that the next president of Nigeria comes from the south in the interest of fairness and equity. The demand for the presidency in 2023 is an idea whose time has come. It will s also in tune with the understanding that has been directing the course of political developments in Nigeria, including the emergence of the outgoing President Muhmafu Buhari administration.

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