POEM : Consider


By Daphne Duruoha:
Look these are the things that keep us going,
Family, Friends, Spirituality and Self Care.
Now have you ever had a casting down?
Yes, a casting down,
Did you gather your life to roast in the fire?
Or heard from someone who did?
What did it sound like?
Something you could maneuver!
Something with a solution!
Sad but true,
Someday, you would realize you’re actually not in control of anything,
Except your feelings maybe,
But aren’t your feelings an outcome of the happenings?
Life is so funny,
Just one thing is sure,
Whatever you see, whatever comes your way,
You can manipulate for your own joy.
People don’t know these things,
It’s like the secret ingredient to flourishing,
So, the earlier the better,
Have you looked around?
Do you even know what fills you up?
Get busy!
The aim is to be happy,
Pay abrupt attention,
The aim is to be happy,
Focus on the things you love,
And the ones that love you.

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