Possibility Of Producing Surplus Food In Nigeria

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-Nigeria is a country that is heavily endowed with human and material resources.These resources, put here for the citizens are supposed to be used for the collective good, including the provision of the basic needs of man which includes food, clothing and shelter.

Among the three basic needs, food is the most important.The reason is simple:while it is possible to survive without shelter and clothing, life is miserable, and man is condemned to death without food.

It is for this reason that nations, states and parents strategies to ensure daily provisions for their dependants, and any man who is unable to provide for his house hold is considered irresponsible.

Globally, Nigeria is referred as the giant of Africa.Unfortunately, the giant has not been able to provide enough food to feed her population, and this has resulted in unnecessary deaths, crimes and restiveness across the country.

But this should not be the case in a country that is so exceptionally blessed by God. Nigeria is currently made up of 36 states, and we also have the Federal Capital Territory and 774 local government areas that collect allocations from the centre every month. Each of these units of government have special natural and human endowments that they can harness to their advantage and for the collective good.

Therefore, one would suggest that each state look inwards and focus on their areas of comparative advantage.
The good news from Kano, Zamfara and other states in Nigeria are eloquent testimonies that Nigeria can produce enough food to feed her citizens if each state looks inwards.

One’s considered opinion is that, the federal government involvement in food production should be limited to provision of highly technical and may be such very expensive projects lime construction of dams etc.The states, enlisting their local governments should take the lead in food production in Nigeria.

By the time attention is genuinely shifted to local food production instead of imports, national Gross Domestic Product will not only increase, more jobs will be created and there will be enough food for all.

In sum, let each state in Nigeria take a product or more for which they have comparative advantage, and mobilise resources to flood the market with it.At the end of the day, there will be surplus, and we can begin to talk about export, and not hunger in the land.

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