Qater World Cup: Agentina Defeats France On Penalties, As Africa Gets 9 Guaranteed Slots For 2026 World Cup


The Lionnel Messi inspired Argentine team has won the 2022 World Cup in Qater which was played on Sunday, 18 December after defeating the defending champions, France on penalties: 4-2.
At the end of the regulation match the result was 2-2, and at the end of the extra time, the outcome was 3-3.

With this victory, Messi has fulfilled an aspiration to win the World Cup before his retirement from the round leather game.

As the world congratulates Argentine and Franch soccer ambassadors for giving a good account of themselves at the just concluded 2022 World, attention is shifting to the 2026 World Cup that promises to have 9 participants from Africa.

In his Face Book Wall, Ade Divine explained how the 48 places in the 2026 World Cup would be allocated

According to him,

“Europe (UEFA) will have 16 direct slots, Africa (CAF) will have 9 direct slots, Asia (AFC) will have 8 slots, CONCACAF will have 6 direct slots, South America (CONMEBOL) will have 6 direct slots and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) will have 1 direct slot.

“This means there shall be 46 direct slots in all.

“On the remaining two slots, FIFA shall organise an international playoff in the host nation(s) involving a total of 6 teams as follows: Africa shall provide 1 team, CONCACAF shall provide 2, CONMEBOL shall provide 1, Asia shall provide 1 and Oceania Football Confederation, OFC, shall provide 1.

“Note here that the Confederation that hosts the event shall always be given 1 extra place in the playoffs, reason why CONCACAF has 2 playoff representatives above for the 2026 edition.

“Among the 6 playoff teams, the top two, according to FIFA ranking shall be seeded. The other 4 shall be paired and the 2 winners shall face the two seeded teams. The two winners of the two ties shall then be given the last two tickets to the World Cup to complete the list of 48 participants.


“Summarily, Africa has 9 guaranteed places and we can have 10 African teams in the 2026 edition if the African playoff representative emerges victorious in the international playoffs”.

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