Queen Elizabeth 11: End Of Long,  Scandal Free Reign


(By Prince Ike
Ogbuehi) –

Queen Elizabeth 11, the Queen of Great Britain, Commonwealth and of course the world recently  passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle, UK in the afternoon of Thursday September 8, 2022.


She was aged 96, and  the longest reigning British monarch, having reigned for 70 years. A unique Queen, she was born on Wednesday April 21, 1926. She came into the world, “feet first” by caesarean section.


God’s own ordained Queen,  some have said that she was the reason why her uncle, King Edward V111 abdicated his throne in 1936 paving the way for the Queen’s father, Prince Albert, later King George VI –  a second son of King George V-  who was not in succession line to ascend the throne.


Again, she was also said to be  the reason why her parent had no male child. It was indeed God’s arrangement for the great Queen because if  her parent had a male child, Princess Elizabeth wouldn’t have been a Queen.


Truely, if God prepares a table for someone, He makes sure that no obstacle comes around the table to disrupt it. The rainbow that appeared at Balmoral Castle on the day she died signified that a great Queen of the world was  returning home to her maker.


Disciplined Queen: never heard of any scandal associated with her since she ascended the throne of her forefathers. She lived and reigned with dignity.


Can we ever have a Queen or a King like Queen Elizabeth 11? Her reign, no doubt, brought peace, unity and progress to Britain, Commonwealth nations and  the world.


I had hoped she would clock 100 years like her mum, but the death of her beloved husband, the Duke peobably played a role in her not going further.


She was the greatest monarch of our time.May God grant her royal household, Great Britain, Commonwealth nations and  the world the  fortitude and  inner strength to bear the great loss.

May her great soul rest in peace.

*Prince Ike Ogbuehi is a public affairs analyst based in Port Harcourt.

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