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Reactions As Supreme Court’s Decision Cripples Rivers APC

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)- Nigeria’s Supreme Court, on Monday, dismissed an order of the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt, which allowed the All Progressives Congress to conduct its Ward, Local Government and State Congresses in Rivers State after a High court had ordered that the congresses be suspended in answer to the prayer s of those who were excluded.

Moses Salvation’s reaction:
Writing on the development, Moses Salvation, a public affairs commentator his points as follows:
Anybody saying the Supreme Court judgment has no effect is simply within the boundary of the proverbial man who doesn’t ever agree that hot water kills a tortoise. For those who may see the Supreme Court Judgment as something not worth celebrating, let me tell you why you are wrong

The Supreme Court being the Apex court of the nation in ruling on the case in favor of Ibrahim Umah and others, simply means that even when the last judgment of the State High Court in respect to the same thing goes way up to in appeal to the Supreme Court, the ruling might still be the same especially as the ruling of today came with a strong word that people who disobey cannot seek to benefit from their stupidity.

In stubbornness they may want to still appeal but that will be a mere waste of judicial time and process, more so a mere waste of time for the party, who at this juncture will have to seek the plan B option. In making sure Rivers State has candidates not encumbered with restraining court orders.

To add, the Supreme Court judgment implies that the state High Court decision placing injunction and nullifying the congresses that produced Ojukaye led executives and results of the Indirect primaries remains legally encumbered, null and void.

It implies that the state High Court decision to bar Ojukaye led executives was rightly exercised.

The Supreme Court, by its judgment today, has destroyed the foundation upon which the Ojukaye led faction of APC was built.

The implication of the judgment is that :
In the eyes of the law, Ojukaye was never elected as the State Chairman of APC.

Technically, the Supreme Court has affirmed the judgment of Chiwendu Nwogu of the Port Harcourt High Court.

The decision of the Supreme Court is final.

Tonye Willie – Pepple’s reaction:
Also speaking on the development, Tonye Willie – Pepple, another public affairs analyst in Rivers State puts his views accorss clearly:
First of all no body said The Supreme Court ruled on an appeal emanating from last week’s judgment of Justice Nwogu, this is because it is obvious that that judgment has not been exhausted at the appeal Court which I gather it just arrived.

What the Supreme Court ruled on in favor of party faithful who paid for forms but were denied same, was that the interlocutory injunction restraining APC from conducting further Congresses pending the final outcome of the substantive suit was in order.

This implies that all actions taken by Justice Nwogu including the mandatory injunction nullifying the outcome of the Congresses which was held in disobedience of the earlier interlocutory injunction in the eyes of the Supreme benchers are seemingly in order.

The substantive suit has since last week been decided especially since there was no Stay of Proceeding from either the Appeal or Supreme courts restraining the trial court not to go on with the case.

The judgment having been delivered is potent and still very much in existence, having not been set aside by any Appeal Court. Moreso the ruling of the Supreme Court today further adds weight to the ruling of Justice Nwogu in the matter as it means that the Supreme Court are in tandem with Justice Nwogu for punishing those who disobeyed a State High courts injunction.

The ruling today technically implies that should the matter be appealed up to the Supreme Court again in another guise, the Supreme Court will take a cue from her last judgment on parts of the issue.

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