Reps Chindah Calls For Team Work To Empower The Youths Economically

Being 27th Independence anniversary message of Hon. O.K Chindah, member of House of Representativerepresenting Obio/Akpor to his constituents on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Most respected people of Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency ( My Employers) and fellow Nigerians, I wish you all true independence from slavery of the mind and fear as we mark Nigeria at 57.

Permit me to address particularly our Youths and remind us that ‘Until You Win In Your Mind, You Cannot Escape The Physical Boundary’ ~ Vivien Douglas.

It is common to point fingers, it is common to blame others or make excuses for your failures or limitations. How long shall we dwell in the realm of the common happenings, it is time to think beyond the ‘common; it is time to leave the crowd; it is time to win; you can break the bounds. No doubt, it is difficult to rise above the numerous limitations that is faced by Nigerians today, which is provoked by unconscionable vengeance, mal-administration, deceit, intentional falsehood, nepotism and mindless corruption by Servants turned masters and Lion Kings, Prince and Princesses. However, ‘You can win if you are willing’ to make the sacrifice and make a difference.

Like the biblical story… Most Nigerians in today’s world are like Moses, who felt truly inadequate to carry out the task ahead of him, due to challenges in his time. However, when he was asked what was in his hands, he then realized the enormous potential at his disposal and that was his staff. The same staff that meant nothing at first, became the tool, through which he conquered the battles before and ahead of him; defeated Pharaoh’s magicians and crossed the Red Sea (limitations of the Isrealites).

Challenge the present Status quo with what you have. As young Nigerians, I’m asking you now, what is in your hands? What do you have at your disposal right now? What are the things you can do? What is working for you, even if it looks insignificant at the moment. Can you task your mind to challenge the status quo and go beyond borders, to break the boundaries of limitation that confront you presently.

The odds are no doubt obvious…I am neither saying that Nigeria is the easiest place to live in, nor have all the pleasant opportunities for a young person to grow, but you need to stop fixating on the limitations. Set your mind to the victories. ‘Yes, you can win’. Maximize the basics. Challenge yourselves to beat the present and rise above all that is not working.

This could be said to be the usual rhetorics…. A lot of you would ask, where is the money; where is the contact; where is the power and many more questions that I may not provide answers to readily, but what I am sure of is that you are in a better position to change this same system today because you have what it takes to win. You can excel, if you shift your paradigm….Spend your time more on seeking for avenues to improve yourself and support others, irrespective of what is provided for you or not provided, go beyond tribe or ethnicity and invest your energy wisely and consciously… Life is happening beyond politics and you can change the narrative.

We can draw strength from our weakness; draw unity in our diversity…Do not let the present national state of despair conquer you.

Group yourselves into functional units based on your potentials and the little opportunities on ground today. Set up your brand and push. No one ever turns down an excellent service. Apply the principles in that field and watch your brand flourish. You can win. Would you dare to win even in the face of obvious limitations?

It may sometimes look like it is all rosy for those of us in political positions, (Lion Kings; Lion Prince and Princesses) if that is true, have you ever wondered why we are yet to make a difference, no matter how highly placed we may be? That is because it is not usually as easy as it seems from the outside…. You, the young Nigerians today, are the saviours of this nation. You have endless opportunities to alter the status quo, if only you can win in your mind.

You my friends, constituents and Masters are the present and future of this great country. Think of What you have in your hands as we all have something; what are you doing with it? What can you do with it? Can you start small, group yourselves and go beyond borders? Do you have what it takes to make this country work for you and ultimately, change for the best?. I say YES, you do, if you agree with Me, what are you waiting for? You have what it takes to break free from the physical boundaries if only you can win in your mind, if we get it right as individuals, we can get it right as a nation….so dare to win! Gain your independence from the limits you see and be the winner that you are. Defeat the fear of impossibilities and BREAK THE BOUNDS NOW.

Happy 57th Independence anniversary to all as we build our country Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria
Long live Rivers State
Long live Obio/Akpor Fed Constituency

Your humble Servant
Rep. O. K. Chinda
( Member House of Representatives, Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency)


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