Sim Fubara For Brick House 2023: Strengths, Weaknesses

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) –

The name Sir. Siminalayi Fubara never resonated among many Rivers people untill few weeks to the recent Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, primaries in Rivers State, where he emerged as the favoured Governorship Candidate of the party.

Fubara, who was trained as an accountant at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, now Rivers State University, was said to have enjoyed a rosy career in the Rivers State Civil Service where he rose rapidly to the position of Accountant – General of Rivers State, before yielding to the call to serve the State at a higher level.


Meanwhile, civil servants who know the Opobo – born accountant – turned politician are not pleased that he enjoyed unusual favours in the area of promotion etc. in the service at a time when others were denied promotion, and implementation where promotion was done, for over seven years.

Nay sayers are also of the opinion that Sim Fubara is a subtle strategy by the out going Governor Nyesom Wike to remain in power, and that a vote for Fubara would be a vote for Wike, and continuation of all that he represented.


There is also another school of thought that, little is known about the man behind the glass, and that a vote for him may amount to voting for a total stranger.

Besides, some persons have questioned the integrity of Sim over the alleged collection  117 Billion Naira over the counter in the bank.


Our considered opinion is that, hasty conclusions and corresponding declarations will be inexpedient at a time when the veracity of the claims are yet to be confirmed.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the emergence of Sir. Fubara from the reverine part of Rivers State in South East senatorial zone is a strong point in his favour. The reason is because, that geopolitical zone is yet to produce a Governor of Rivers State.


Also noteworthy, and to the credit of the PDP candidate, is that, he comes from Opobo, a people known for their strong traditional institution; colourful culture, industry and peaceful disposition.

The choice of Prof.Ngozi Ordu, an elegant lady, who is sociable and  familiar with the intricacies of politics and governance in the state, as the Deputy Governorship Candidate of the PDP, is doubtlessly a big boost to the governorship ticket.

From all indications, Sir Fubara’s greatest assets in the race for the Rivers State Brick (Government) House included his youthfulness, deep pocket, civil service experience, and the fact that he is running on the platform of the PDP, the party to beat in Rivers State.

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