On behalf of myself, my Beloved Wife, Wonderful Kids, Family and Friends I hereby celebrate with you the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In the spirit of the season and sharing, remember we have the 7 Redemptive packaged blessings by His Blood as written in Revelation 5:12 KJV Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

To continue life after Easter just observe the flow of scriptures, after Power is Riches and Wisdom. Therefore, what are your Wisdom plans for durable Riches ?


*Think about it!!*.
The moment you get out of bed: it means *furniture companies* once made money from you or its provider. As you wash your face, *Pure Water Companies* will be counting on you and when you brush your teeth, *Pepsodent, Macleans* or similar brands will be earning on you.

When you Charge your phone *NEPA* will be reading their meter. When you move from your house to the office, *taxis, buses, Okada or Keke Napep owners*, if u are driving *Filling Station Owners* will be collecting their share and when you check your *WhatsApp, Facebook* and other social media, telecommunication companies will be making money on you!

So before you get out of the house you, your parent or guardian have already paid all these companies something. You, your parent or guardian have already spent some money. Let me not even talk about the rest of the day.

*So if you are going to bed without making money*, how are you going to foot or sustain footing all these bills??.

*Food for thought*
– Start thinking about how to make money everyday.
– Do something about your life today.
– *Think Residual Income*
– Start with a small targeted amount and grow as you go.
– Start with something that will give u even if its *50 Naira a day.*
– *Its better than going to bed without making even a kobo*.
– *Let’s Put our faith into action*
– *take risks and start something now!*

*SALARY* alone can not solve all your money problems.
You need *Secondary Source of income* to balance up.

*SALARY* is a *MEDICINE* for managing *POVERTY*, it doesn’t *CURE* it. Only your *BUSINESS* or *INVESTMENT* Cures Poverty.

*Be Financially Intelligent..*
*Have a Plan B.*
*Think about WEC:*
*Wealth Empowerment Club*

With the 12 Benefits of *WEC* you can grow into multiple passive income generating opportunities without stress. You can give it a try. If interested, for immediate registration and enquiries contact:

Miss Faith: 09053934038
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*_W2W Foundation … Empowering Personalities to Infinite Possibilities_*