Protest Against Abba Kyari: Misdirected Aggression

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(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – Nigerians were awoken Tuesday to reports of protests in Abuja by some persons demanding the sack of Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, over alleged overbearing influence on the administration.

While we concede that the protesters have the right, in a democracy, to express their opinions, it is important that Nigerians see the protest for what it is: strictly a personal adventure by persons who possible has some ass to grind with Abba Kyari, and do not in any way represent the wishes of the vast majority of Nigerians.

The protesters were reported as blaming the chief of staff for all that has not been done right by the present administration but fail to tell the world who should take the credit for some of the laudable decisions and actions of the current administration, such as the widely commended recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day in Nigeria. Our opinion is that, the so called protest is a misdirected aggression against someone who was invited to serve his country. In our opinion, there is much to the protest than meets the eyes.

It is curious that this protest is coming at a time the president is said to be fine tuning his ministerial list, a time when desperate persons could resort to many things to push out of the way any one they feel might be an obstacle to their aspiration. If that is the situation, then it falls within the range of politics of self interest, an adventure for which no individual or group should drag the entire county into.

To us, it is preposterous to blame Abba Kyari for all the things that are not going well in a country that has hundreds, if not thousands of leaders at different levels in the political, social, economic and religious sectors of the society. Local and foreign experts have said many times that there will be increased economic activities and employment generation in Nigeria if there is regular electricity, is Abba Kyari the one standing on the way?

Will his sack guarantee us regular electricity? Will his sack stop Boko Haram insurgency and other threatening security challenges in Nigeria? Our answer is no!He is just one man and cannot be blamed for all that are perceived not to be going the right way in Nigeria. The bulk of blame does not and can never end on his table.

It is therefore against this background that we believe that the reported protest should be seen for what it is: politically motivated – to serve an interest, which may not even have a bearing with the legitimate expectations of the vast majority of Nigerians.
We believe that, it is within the powers of the president, who appointed Abba Kyari in the first place to look dispassionately at his performance and be guided accordingly. President Buhari has shown in the last four years that he is not a man that is influenced by sentiments and bogus allegations but by issues that are verifiable. President Buhari should be allowed to concentrate and do the work for which he was voted into power for a second time.
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