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The Power Of Attitude


(By Dr. David Oyedepo)- Nothing devalues skill and commitment like wrong attitude. For instance, some people are good on their jobs, but they are so proud that they are side-lined when a choice for promotion is being made.

The greatest men in the Bible were not made by strength or might, but by their attitude. Abraham was made by his attitude of obedience. Moses was not made a leader because of his strength but because of his meekness. David’s courageous attitude gave him victory over Goliath, in spite of hi stature. The exalted throne of Christ was built by right attitude. Obedience led Jesus to the throne. Power didn’t make him attitude did and that means you can be anointed and still die a failure.

The nature of a tree determines the fruit it bears. A mango tree cannot bear orange fruits. Your nature is what makes way for your future. Every great altitude stems out of a right attitude. Therefore, every negative nature will lead to a negative future.
It takes more than strength or skill to scale through in life, so you must cultivate the right attitude.

There are four aspects of human life, where we need to cultivate a right attitude, if you must be productive and fulfill destiny. They are: attitude to life, attitude to God and attitude to money. An understanding of these four will give anyone a great adventure in life.

Attitude to life:
To make a difference to your world you must realize that life is a gift, not a grief, it is a privilege, not a right. After all, what role did you play in coming into this world? You played no role whatsoever in your existence. If you don’t embrace the gift of life, you stand to be disgraced. Every murmuring against God paves way for destruction. He made you, so you most maintain an attitude of gratitude to your maker, for the privilege of existence, so He does not withdraw the breath He gave you. That is why the psalmist said let everything that has breath praise the lord.

Apart from appreciating God for your life, an understanding of what life means will help you make your life count.

What is life? Life can be defined as the art of living, and its evidence is in contributions. In basic sense, only plants and animals are classified as living things, and their lives are evidenced in their contributions.Plants generate the oxygen which animals take in and animals in turn generate the carbon dioxide which plants utilize for their food. When a plant stops generating oxygen for the animal to consume, the animal is dead. When you stop making contributions to your word, you are no longer living ,you are merely existing. Stone exists, but have no life, because they do not make any contributions of its your you are no are no longer living, you are merely existing stones exist, but have no life, because they do own. Life is about contribution, not consumption, it is about relevance, not significance.

Life is not about getting from people, but it is about giving out to people- reaching out to them. Life is about service, not status, it is about sacrifice not surplus. It is about giving, not just receiving. It is about giving that provokes your receiving.

God is out to bless us, but we are blessed primarily to be a blessing to our world. Can you imagine yourself eating and drinking for weeks? The food is soon converted to poison. Likewise when you are not being a blessing to your world, life soon becomes miserable.

Life is about responsibility. The right attitude to life is a responsibility that we owe our destiny. To be continued.

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