Trump Signs Executive Order On Religious Freedom In US, As Herdsmen Wipe Out Families In Nigeria

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(By Chris K.Amadi) – President Donald Trump of the United States has declared that the days when sermons were censored and pastors targeting targeted in his country were over.

President Donald said this while marking on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer by signing an executive order designed to protect and promote religious liberty.

His words: “Today my administration is leading by example as we take historic steps to protect religious liberty in the United States of America.
“We are giving churches their voices back. No one should be censoring sermons or targeting pastors.”

“Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding and the soul of our nation,” he said. “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore.”
“Freedom is not a gift from government; freedom is a gift from God,” President Trump noted, adding that no American should be “forced to choose between the dictates of the federal government and the tenets of their faith.” reports that faith leaders have demonstrated their support for the executive action, while acknowledging more needs to be done.

“President Trump deserves praise for applying an emergency brake on the government’s movement toward coercion and discrimination. There is much that is commendable in the executive order, even while there is much that is missing – and that I pray will be soon addressed,” Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, CEO and president of National Religious Broadcasters, said in a statement.

“Today’s action is a breath of fresh air and should be understood, I believe, as a first step toward righting the wrongs of recent years and reassuring people of faith that they are not second-class citizens,” he continued.

While Americans are celebrating a decisive move by President Trump to guarantee their religious freedom, families are being wiped out in parts of Nigeria  by rampaging herdsmen.

Opera news reports how, on Friday night a month ago, a  man and his three daughters were slaughtered in Barkin Ladi local government area of Plateau state of Nigeria, leaving a distraught widow to tell the heart breaking story .

According to Abigail, “when I started hearing gunshots. Our quiet, peaceful village has never remained the same ever since. I have lost every member of my family. No husband, no children. Where will I start from? How could I possibly start life all over again, at over 50 years of age? I doubt if I can remain alive for long. If I live to witness next year, it will be a miracle. But I know that, someday, the God we serve will fight for us.

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