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Twisted Perspectives, Unfounded Allegations Against Trump

(By Chinedu Emeana) -The twisting of perspectives of some events and narrative of the American political left, which these days include much of the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC etc) leaves much to be desired.Although I am not eligible to vote in the election because of my nationality, permit me to say that most of the information that are banded about to discredit Donald Trump are not correct, while and others given wrong perspectives.

For instance, that Trump doesn’t pay taxes is mere allegation because his tax returns are not out. Moreover, we were taught at school that, while evading tax is an offence, that avoiding it is not. It is public knowledge that business people hire experts to help them avoid as much tax as they can legally.

Curiously, his critics will neglect to mention that President Trump has not received a salary since he became president. Besides, how can someone accuse Trump of being a racist when African-Americans and Latinos are better off economically because of his policies than at any other time in American history?

Trump is encouraging blacks to be entrepreneurs through his opportunity zones. He has reformed the criminal justice system that was throwing black people into prison for long sentences for minor nonviolent crimes – by the way, it was Joe Biden who championed that law as a senator, calling blacks predators.

Did you know that Trump increased and made the funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) automatic and their Presidents (VCs) didn’t need to be coming to the White House yearly to lobby for funding? Before the 2016 election, they said Trump will be fighting wars everywhere, but till date, the man did not start any new wars anywhere and has been bringing American troops home.

How can he like socialism, when one of his resonating campaign mantras is that America will never be a socialist country, pointing that out as the Democratic agenda? Why should he go and visit colleagues in Western Europe ad some are expecting when he can better use his time to appeal to Americans to vote for him: are the Europeans going to vote? Moreover, who is travelling anywhere this pandemic period?

As for pulling out of international organisations, notably the Iran deal and Climate Accord, well, as an American president his duty is to protect and promote American interest. To him, the Iran deal was spineless and too skewed in favour of Iran, and allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons in a few years time, while they continue to see America as an enemy to destroy. So it is in his interest to pull out. He said it before the election, and he fulfilled his promise afterwards.

Note that, despite that deal, Iran has remained adamant but since Trump came on board, has the rate of global terrorism not reduced? Moreover has ISIS not been decimated? did he not move American Embassy to Jerusalem, as he promised. Is Trump not facilitating peace between Israel and some Arab nations? Is he not coercing China to play fair in international trade? Is there anything wrong in forcing European NATO countries to pay their own fair share of contributions that is meant for their protection?, especially Germany which sees Russia as a big threat, yet they fund the Russian economy by buying gas from Russia but don’t want to make their statutory NATO contributions that protects them from the so-called Russian threat.

On the Climate matter, Trump believes that accord do not favour America, but favours her competitors. Today, America is one of the world’s leading producers of crude oil and they don’t have to depend on oil from the middle east. Today, the price of fuel is cheaper in American than during Obama/Biden time. If any one considers Trump’s immigration policy as racist, I will only ask him to count the number of terrorist attacks in Europe since Trump became president, compared to America. What is wrong with protecting your country and asking those who want to come to America to do it legally or don’t attempt to visit? On COVID-19, America has the highest infection rate, but they also do the highest number of tests, and their death rate from the infection is low compared to European countries, judging by their population.

On the matter of listening to scientists and experts – Trump listens to scientists and experts in different fields as president, and then makes his decision in the interest of the American people. When he observed that the advisories of scientists and other experts resulted in increased cases of depression, suicides and drug addictions, as well as killing the economy, he backed out. Today American economy is doing better than European giants who decided to lock everything down, yet the COVID-19 infections are still rising. And that is why he has continued to insist that the cure cannot be worse than the disease.

Trump has never supported election violence, but it seems some petsons are mischaracterising his last campaign speech. Because of the violence and riots supported by the democrats earlier in the year, Americans are scared of what may happen if Biden loses, that is why businesses are closing up this period, even the White House has used board to cover everywhere against expected violent protesters after the election.

Trump has put a positive stamp on American politics and governance, and he should be given credit where it is correct to do so.

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